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Share this if you wish you too were sunning it up in the Cook Islands right now
Cook Islands
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Which would you rather do... Climb to our highest peaks, remain lagoon-side in a hammock, explore Aitutaki's pristine waters or see this local and his taro patch? Use Facebook's reactions to choose your answer!
Cook Islands
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Let's utilise this platform to create discussions. Why not start simple... Where are you from? Comment below and strike up a friendly chat with someone.
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Sometimes quality time in a little paradise with your significant other is all you need in life.
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Kia orana Newcastle - we're ready for you so many great deals at the Flight Center Travel Expo at the Newcastle Entertainment Center. We're at booth 34, so pop in and say 'kia orana'
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"I love that the Cooks aren't commercialized. They really feel like an unspoilt paradise. You can relax and enjoy the true meaning of life in paradise." - testimonial by Lindsey De La Vega
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It's not just about love between two people, there's also the love shared within family too. Love a little quality family time.
Cook Islands
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Valentines day may be over but we're still feeling the love! Why not visit the Cook Islands to renew your 'wows'?
There's a new update on the Intern Blog and just in time too because our stomachs are grumbling! Tayla brings you a quick guide to popular food joints on the island. You can check it out here: [ Link ]
Happy Valentines Day everyone! But especially to those fortunate enough to be spending it in the Cook Islands. Tip for future visitors: A little paradise is good at setting the mood.
We asked what you love most about a little paradise and you responded! Here's a testimonial by Sadie Greenaway - Meitaki Maata Sadie! "The peacefulness of the islands and the kindness of the people. The world would be a wonderful place if it was more like the Cook Islands. Most beautiful place in the world..."
We want to ask you a question... Which beach would you rather be on? Comment your choice below.
Play a little Kayaking-Frisbee while you search for island treasures... Um, yes please!
Don't worry lads - we haven't forgotten about you. Here are our suggestions for the ultimate boys weekend in the Cook Islands.

Cook Islands
Remaining poolside is definitely going to be on the agenda this weekend.
We have a favour to ask... Can you please share this photo with one friend, and tell them why they need to visit the Cook Islands.
The island of Mauke was orginally named 'Akatokamanava' meaning 'the place where my heart rested' for its raw and rugged beauty. Her people were also said to be among the most handsome, too
Valentine's Day is just one week away so we thought we'd take up Cupid's role this year and suggest some date ideas for those spending it in a little paradise.

Cook Islands
What do you love most about a little paradise? Comment your answers below and we'll feature our favourites on our social channels.
Tired of exercise that involves idyllic runs on the beach, or blissful climbs to our highest peaks? How about a little Ura Fitness - the latest craze that we've been doing for 1000 years.