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If there's anything about the Cook Islands that you want answered, don't forget to jump over to our twitter space to ask. There's tips, advice and answered FAQ's all dedicated to helping you have the ultimate time in a little paradise: [ Link ]

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Cook Islands
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Mitiaro is the flattest island in the Cook Islands but steep in history. Te Pare, an ancient fort built by the forefathers of Mitiaro to be used as protection against the warriors of Atiu, still stands today.
Cook Islands
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Aussies, have you heard the news? KIIS 1065 are giving you the chance to win the ultimate trip to the Cook Islands! If you thought Melbourne in the summer was hot, you're going to be blown away by this scorching hot holiday package. Quick, click the link to enter: [ Link ]

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Cook Islands
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Anyone up for a little bonfire by the beach?
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Love a little freshly caught fish... We can hear your tummy's grumbling from here!
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Missed out on the markets today? No worries! Driving around Rarotonga you'll find plenty of fresh fruits available to purchase.
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Looking for something different to do this weekend? How about a little day trip to Aitutaki?
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Let's have a jam-packed, adventure filled year this year. First up... A buggy tour through the Rarotongan outback! [ Link ]
First In Service have put a list together for Top 10 destinations to visit in 2017 - We all knew this already, right :-)

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We may only be in the first week of 2017, but so much has happened already. For starters, we have two new additions to #TeamTourism. Pop over to our Intern Blog as Odile, the first of our new interns, says a big Kia Orana! [ Link ]

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With a view like this, yoga has never looked so good.
Located in the Northern Group, the island of Manihiki is the pearl farming centre of the Cook Islands. Pearl farms built by local families are scattered across the turquoise blue lagoon.
Your kids will have the adventure of a lifetime in a little paradise.
We were feeling nostalgic and decided to reflect on the year that's been. We discovered that a post containing this video was our most popular post of 2016. Meitaki maata Facebook family! This wouldn't be a possibility without you.
Aere ra 2016 and Kia Orana 2017! We hope your New Years was as good as ours and that your heads aren't too sore. Either way, we know where we'll be curing headaches today...
As we prepare to say goodbye to yet another year, #TeamTourism would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. See you in 2017!
Better late than never... On the 25th December 1916 the British cargo ship, Maitai SS, struck the reef whilst coming in to dock at Avarua wharf. 100 years this wreckage still stands and is a part of the reef. It's possible to swim out to the shipwreck and see it in all it's glory, though we'd recommend doing it in favourable conditions.
Stuck for party plans? A little paradise has your nightlife needs covered.
Island time in the Cook Islands means plenty of days spent at the beach. But you can do more than just swim in a little paradise.

Cook Islands
Island time in the Cook Islands means plenty of days spent at the beach. But you can do more than just swim in a little paradise.

Cook Islands