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The fictional narratives of Laura Stevens have titles like, “Hotel Amour” and “A Women’s Realm.” We asked Laura some questions, she answered with her photos...

Explore the Visual Q&A: [ Link ]
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Ready to try out a cool #COOPHTip over the weekend? Create a #bokeh wall with some tinfoil, a mirror and a light source.
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Benjamin Grant scours the earth looking for interesting and atypical patterns.

We've collected some of his gems right here:
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We asked Los Angeles based photographer Gina Canavan some questions. She answered with her stunning analog images...

Get the answers here: [ Link ]
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It's time to reveal the Leica Camera and COOPH team-up to the world! You might have already seen a few sneak peeks, but now it's time to experience the real thing.

The Leica Rope Strap is available now: [ Link ]
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Lorenz Holder Photography knows how to POP his photos!

Find out what the Pop Principle is by heading over to [ Link ]
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We're bringing you a hot take (literally) on climate change with COOPH Master Von Wong's latest project.

It's fire, trust us: [ Link ]
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Head into the weekend at high-speed with this hack!

Let us know if you use this #COOPHTip by showing us in the comments below...
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Of course we wouldn't let you go home without a new video. This time, we take a look at how you can win photo contests with the POP Principle.

Are you ready to make your photos POP?

How To Win Photography Contests With The ‘POP’ Principle

COOPH presents the ‘POP’ principle; three simple photography tips for winning photo contests and making images that POP! Featuring Lorenz Holder, two-time wi...

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Got 5 minutes to kill? Then head over to our YouTube channel and get some great tips & tricks!

Unleash your creativity:
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"I see my work as half art and half data visualization. As an engineer I am presenting information and analyzing data on a daily basis. I see my photos as an extension of this where the path of the paddle over a period of time is shown in a single photo."

Check out the stunning work of Motion Exposure here!
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Add a little color to the mix and DIY your own color filter. All you need is a plastic bag and a color marker!

Use it? Use #COOPHTip to show everyone!
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Just in time to get you out of that mid-week slump, we're hitting you with another video! Check out these tips and tricks on how to make a DIY Photography Studio!

How To Make A DIY Photography Studio At Home

Check out COOPH’s tips and tricks for building simple diy photography studios to help you shoot small, medium and large objects. It doesn’t matter how much s...

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WARNING: Visually Stunning!

See Shanghai like you've never seen it before by checking out Greg Girard's profolio right here:
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Treat yourself and your significant other with our Valentine's Day bundles:

Snapographer: [ Link ]

[ Link ]
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A creative take on the loneliness of city life...Enjoy Slinkachu's latest "Little People, Big Cities" project.

It's worth it: [ Link ]
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Feeling blue? So were we, so we brought together some of the best 500px community photos featuring the oceanic color: [ Link ]

© Sepehr Ghassimi / 500px
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No ND filter? No problem! As long as you have a pair of sunglasses with you, even the brightest sunlight can be worked with.