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The new year is here, and with it, new mountains to climb. We’re ready. Are you? #ClimbOn
Even the most dedicated climbers need a break. Here’s to enjoying yours with family and a crisp Coors Light.
It might be getting darker, but we’re still keeping it light, crisp, and refreshing. #WinterSolstice
Know when to hold em’. Know when to cold em’. No poker night is complete without the Coors Light.
Respect: Former Ohio State quarterback @KirkHerbstreit celebrates his alma mater’s marching band for making #CollegeFootball more than just a game. #GBGR #21M21
Nothing can keep #CollegeFootball fans away from this game! In this video we celebrate a Feat of Fandom that helped an epic rivalry last over a hundred years. #GBGR #21M21 Oregon State University
How did a bell become a trophy? Watch the video to see how the Victory Bell became part of an epic #CollegeFootball rivalry: UCLA vs. University of Southern California. #GBGR #21M21
Crisp, irresistible taste in every single pour.
Arkansas fans wanted to rally their team, and they ended up creating something amazing. In this video, we celebrate those fans for making #CollegeFootball more than just a game. #WooPig #GBGR #21M21
Happy hour is just a Coors Light away.
This extra hour is yours. What will you do with it? #Cheers #FallBack
Nothing stops Gamecocks fans from cheering on their team… not even a swaying stadium. In this video, we celebrate a University of South Carolina Feat of Fandom from back in the 1980s. #GBGR #21M21
Florida State University is one of the only places with a living memorial to their biggest wins. This video is dedicated to everyone who helps keep great #CollegeFootball traditions going. #Noles #GBGR #21M21
This is one of the most impressive Feats of Fandom in all of #CollegeFootball. Watch as we celebrate Washington State University fans for always going the extra mile (they’ve waved Ol’ Crimson in even more cities since we made this video). #GBGR #21M21
Camping without Coors Light is like camping without a tent. It’s possible, but we don’t recommend it.
Never stop climbing your mountains, no matter how scary they may be.
Everyone has a mountain to climb. A challenge that calls them higher. For Sami and Rose, chefs in Los Angeles, their mountain was opening a healthier food truck. Ride along for their opening day and see whether their Wholesam truck sinks or swims in a sea of burgers and tacos.

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A refreshing start to the end of your week.
Everyone has a mountain to climb. A challenge that calls them higher. For Shezi, a fashion designer in Los Angeles, his mountain was creating a clothing brand and opening a retail store. He was well on his way until things took an unexpected turn.

Check out Shezi’s store, OU:RS Collective at ourscollective.com
Leave work by 5:00, Coors Light in hand by 6:00.