Coors Light Ireland
Coors Light Ireland
04/21/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
Tag a mate who always leaves beer mat destruction behind. #LoveTheCold
Fionn Geoghegan
Andrew Finn
Canice Reade
Tag a mate who will do anything to make pints. #LoveTheCold
John Rankin
Ciaran McCabe
Tom Griffin
When there's no hope of seconds. #LoveTheCold
Hugh Golden
Eoin Hanrahan
Fake it 'til you make it. #LoveTheCold
Anton Mamyko
Glen Mc Elmeel
Shane Walsh
It's happened to us all. #LoveTheCold
Ordin Beachcomber
Conor Brosnan
Tommy Roche
Tag a mate who's always up for a pint with the lads. #LoveTheCold
James Kelly
Hola Nรญ Chionnaith
Cathal McConigley
Tag a mate who makes splitting the bill way too complicated. #LoveTheCold
Ciarรกn Stone
Darragh O Shea
Brendan Power
Tag a mate who can't say goodbye to their blockia. #LoveTheCold
Nathan McCormack
Denis Moore
Robert J. Condren
Tag a mate who practises award speeches when nobody is watching. #LoveTheCold
John Skehan
Davie Lorenzo
Keyron TP O'Sollevan
Tag a mate who always lets you down. #LoveTheCold
Cillian Sherlock
Stewy Glen
Stephen David Moran
Tag a mate who loves his own reflection. #LoveTheCold
Brian Fleming
Brian Tuite
Rory Trethowan
Tag a mate whose life mantra is 'If it didn't Insta, it didn't happen'. #LoveTheCold
Alan Finn
Ste Horan
Billy O'Malley
Tag a mate who makes it rain each payday. #LoveTheCold
David Hopkins
Richard Reiter
Liam Callaghan
Tag a mate who will do anything to avoid buying a pint for the lads. #LoveTheCold
Joe Gavin
Meelis Kuusk
Andy Roche
Tag a mate who never wastes a drop. #LoveTheCold www.drinkaware
Gavin Ryan
Florian Bonkhoff
Jenny O Brien
Tag a mate who gets stung every time. #LoveTheCold
Sidnei Farias
Eddie O Byrne
Colin Hiquรฉ
We all know that one lad who always misses the countdown. #LoveTheCold
Adam O'Sullivan
Renan Rodrigues
Ross Donna X Gaynor
We all know that one lad who's home for Christmas, but dresses like he's still in Australia. #LoveTheCold
Liam McHale
Vincent Doran
Daniel Watson
We all know that one lad who is too cool for a Christmas jumper. #LoveTheCold
Lorcan O'Connell
Jack Niland
Paul Robert McGann
We all know that one lad who's always cleaning at a party. #LoveTheCold
Michael Whelan
Seรกn Hoey Dolan
Keith Kenny