Coors Light Ireland
Coors Light Ireland
06/22/2017 at 16:01. Facebook
Tag a mate who needs this done to them. #LoveTheCold
Hugh Boyle
Jamie Mackin
Jason Kennedy
Tag a mate who thinks he can do a better job than the DJ. #LoveTheCold
Gary Gillespie
Gregory Donnelly
Robert O Halloran
Tag a mate who always needs to be the first in the club. #LoveTheCold
Conn Mc Cabe
Cian Mcdonagh
Jr Bolton
Finish this joke for a chance to win tickets to The Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festival: knock, knock....
Georgette O Carroll
David Nicholson
Carmel Meehan Gelera
Tag a mate who tells the worst jokes for a chance to win tickets The Cat Laughs Festival.
Coors Light Ireland
Marina O'Sullivan
Aoife Bowe
These guys will be playing at Cat Laughs this year. Fancy being there? Tag a mate that can never keep a straight face for a chance to win tickets to a show.
Coors Light Ireland
Louise Dunne
Ray Purcell
Get ready to laugh your Rockies off as we’re the Official Beer Partner at The Kilkenny Cat Laughs festival this year! Tag the comedian in your group of mates for a chance to win tickets to The Rubberbandits at the festival.
Willie Stapleton
Catherine Healy
Tag a mate who always forgets to do the beer run. #LoveTheCold
PJ O Duibhir
Oisin O'dugain
Daire Fanning
Tag a mate who is always looking for a charger. #LoveTheCold
Luke Brosnan
Eoghan Horton Guing
Padraic O'Byrne
Tag a mate who always leaves beer mat destruction behind. #LoveTheCold
Fionn Geoghegan
Daniel Buckley
John Kane
Tag a mate who will do anything to make pints. #LoveTheCold
John Rankin
Ciaran McCabe
Tom Griffin
When there's no hope of seconds. #LoveTheCold
Hugh Golden
Eoin Hanrahan
Fake it 'til you make it. #LoveTheCold
Anton Mamyko
Glen Mc Elmeel
Shane Walsh
It's happened to us all. #LoveTheCold
Ordin Beachcomber
Conor Brosnan
Tommy Roche
Tag a mate who's always up for a pint with the lads. #LoveTheCold
James Kelly
Hola NΓ­ Chionnaith
Cathal McConigley
Tag a mate who makes splitting the bill way too complicated. #LoveTheCold
CiarΓ‘n Stone
Darragh O Shea
Brendan Power
Tag a mate who can't say goodbye to their blockia. #LoveTheCold
Nathan McCormack
Denis Moore
Robert J. Condren
Tag a mate who practises award speeches when nobody is watching. #LoveTheCold
John Skehan
Davie Lorenzo
Keyron TP O'Sollevan
Tag a mate who always lets you down. #LoveTheCold
Cillian Sherlock
Stewy Glen
Stephen David Moran
Tag a mate who loves his own reflection. #LoveTheCold
Brian Fleming
Brian Tuite
Rory Trethowan