Coors Light UK
Coors Light UK
06/23/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
Are you a bedroom DJ looking for a break? Watch what happened during last year's DJ Quest competition in partnership with Mixmag and enter for this year now: [ Link ]
Kerry McColgan
Geo Martinez
Blaise Alethea Dyer
Coors Light UK
Coors Light UK
06/21/2017 at 14:37. Facebook
Oh yes! What a way to warm up between Ice Cave Raves. Who'll be joining us for a sunshine session at these awesome Mixmag LABs in Ibiza? Ice cold beers at the ready. ☀
We'll be back...... ❄
Well be back
Beats ✅ Mates ✅ Vibes ✅ Beer ✅ we had an awesome time at the #IceCaveRave in Glasgow!

Think you can party like our friends in the north? Sign up now to be the first to hear about the next #IceCaveRave: [ Link ]
Rachel Galloway
Lottso Hugging Bowman
Stuart Mcclements
What do you get if you mix top DJs, great beer, an ice-cold dance floor and one of the best cities in the UK? One awesome rave in a very cold cave.

Don't miss out, sign up now to be the first to find out when the next #IceCaveRave location is announced: [ Link ]
What do you get if you mix top DJs great beer an
Laura Noble
Angela Wheeler
Ian Crawford
Darren Gunn
Louise Lawson
Amy Tyldesley
A big shout out to our three #DJQuest competition winners! The real journey starts here - Keep track of their progress at:
Amy Spargo
Louise Wilson
Edward Mckenna
Talk about going out in style! What a week that was at the last #IceCaveRave of the year. Sheffield got a healthy dose of basslines! Check out some of our favourite pics here: [ Link ]
Talk about going out in style What a week that was at
Tony Vi'e
Gareth Lloyd
Sophie Nolan
Fancy another #DammeCold one after the #IceCaveRave? Get yourself to one of the below Sheffield bars for some post-rave ice cold refreshment!
Ashley Paramore-mosley
Owen Clark
Vickie Langhorne
Sheffield crew – The #IceCaveRave has arrived in Devonshire Green. Slots are available online and there are some tickets on the door. Freshers week just got real. We’ll see you all on the dancefloor! [ Link ]
Lee Foster
Lucie Wheatcroft
Samuel Crossland
Sheffield ravers - The #IceCaveRave is coming and tickets are completely free! Get yours now or forever regret missing out on the party of the year: [ Link ]
Adam James Illingworth
Benjamin Frost
Sam Barnes
In 2017 we're taking the #IceCaveRave overseas to Les Arcs in France for our biggest party yet. Fancy winning a trip to join us? It's your lucky day, friends!
Greg Jones
Samuel Watson
Emma Hedges
Fellow ravers, we're packing up the beers and the basslines and taking the #IceCaveRave to Sheffield from the 15th - 25th September. Book your slot now!
Fellow ravers were packing up the beers and the basslines and taking

Book A Slot For The Sheffield #IceCaveRave | Coors Light UK
Kieron Holmshaw
Joe Dee
John Macleod
JCVD's quest has brought him to the #IceCaveRave. We're heading to the #IceCaveRave soon, too. Who's with us?
Alex Ellwood
Harley Bottomore
Liam Royal
Back in May we took over Birmingham’s Centenary Square with 9 days of beer and basslines, as we introduced the midlands to the #IceCaveRave.

Who’s ready for round two? This September we’re packing up the decks with some #DammeCold beer and heading north to Sheffield’s own Devonshire Square, for an even bigger and better rave, just in time for Freshers Week.

Once again it’s free to enter...
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Back in May we took over Birminghams Centenary Square with 9 days

Coors Light #IceCaveRave Sheffield 2016

Aaron Bent
GordonandJanis Paton
Watch JCVD in his quest for cold as he discovers the legendary Ice Cave Rave. An epic mountain party colder than any place on earth. Fancy a visit? Book your free slot now:
Tabitha Lois Banks
George Francis
Emma Bick