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Road ragin' against a female senior citizen...

A Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office deputy is facing harassment charges as a result of a confrontation with a 67-year-old woman on Christmas Eve.

Deschutes sheriff’s deputy charged with harassment
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The general lack of knowledge about firearms safety and Second Amendment rights within urban communities prompted Maj Toure to start a group called "Black Guns Matter." Toure's intention with the group is to educate those living within urban communities on the proper handling of firearms and create a sense of respect for gun ownership.

In the process, he also trains them in methods of...
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"Black Guns Matter" - Group Focuses on Educating Inner City Residents About Guns and Conflict Resolution | Cop Block
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Via submissions: Marcus Potter, a UK CopBlocker who frequently submits video to the CopBlock Network, reports that the Norfolk Constabulary refused his FOIA request asking for details about their zombie attack plan.

What exactly are they trying to hide?

Norfolk Constabulary Refuses FOIA Request for Details of How They Would Respond to Zombie Attack | Cop Block
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Texas cops let a man who stabbed a victim 15 times last month walk out of the hospital scot-free after he awoke from a coma.

Now the suspect is on the loose, presumably armed, definitely dangerous.

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Texas Cops Allow Dangerous Stabbing Suspect to Escape from Hospital
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According to Prince George's County officials, in June of 2016, Sims took an up skirt photo of a woman at a Sports Authority store in Bowie. The woman, who turned out to be an off-duty MPD officer, chased Sims out of the store before he jumped into his Prince George's County police cruiser and drove away.

Officer suspended for taking up-skirt photos of women
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Officer Paul Hardwicke, a high school resource officer with the Blackfoot Police Department in Idaho, set up a drug drop box program for residents to dispose of unused prescription pills. Then he stole all the drugs out of them and got high AF.

Unfortunately, his little party came to a halt in May of 2015 when he was caught with his hand in the drug jar. However, after a plea deal the two...
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Idaho School Cop Who Stole Thousands of Drugs Sentenced to Just Two Days in Jail After Plea Deal | Cop Block
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Cops say they arrested the teens because one of them threatened the off-duty cop, which gave the cop the right to grab him, but the kid said he was going to "sue" the cop, not "shoot" the cop, which is what he claimed the kid said.

And that was likely after he grabbed the kid for defending his friend, whom two kids said the cop called a "cunt" for walking through his yard to cut a corner....
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Back in September, during a gun buyback program held by the Minneapolis Police Department someone turned in a block of wood with a pipe duct taped to it in exchange for a $100 dollar gift card.

Minnesota Gun Buyback Program Paid $100 For a Pipe Taped to a Piece of Wood | Cop Block
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"I kept trying to tell them I'm one of you, but..."

Kinda sucks when the rest of the guys finally let you in on that little secret that you didn't know.

Retired New York Jail Guard Treated Like "Just Another Black Dude" by Brothers in Blue | Cop Block
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This politician will walk the streets after openly admitting to serial child molestation, and is even suing one of his victims. Meanwhile Americans will be arrested for having a plant.

Convicted Pedophile Politician Dennis Hastert Sues His Victim for Money: Report
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The first arrest of a terrorist suspect under the Trump administration is a Missouri man paid by the FBI to buy bomb supplies, who then threatened him at knifepoint if he did not follow through with the plans.

FBI Threatened Broke Stoner at Knifepoint to Buy Bomb Supplies, Leading to Trump's First Terror Arrest
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Drug Control Policy might be chopped...but so will PBS, NPR, AmeriCorps, National Endowments for the Art & Humanities.

Are these programs helping or hurting our people???

Is federal Drug Control Policy office on the chopping block in fed budget? - The UnderCurrent Magazine
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Apparently, if you want to infiltrate your local KKK branch all you really need to do is friend a bunch of Blue Lives Matter supporters...


"OpKKK" - Anonymous Unmasked Klan Members by Friending "Blue Lives Matter" Supporters on Facebook | Cop Block
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The U.S. Court of Appeals Court for the Fifth Circuit has ruled in a 2-1 decision that the public has the First Amendment right to record activities of law enforcement because it ensures cops "are not abusing their power."

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Federal Appeals Court Sides with PINAC Reporter, Rules Recording Cops is Protected by First Amendment
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On Tuesday, an off-duty LAPD officer pulled out his gun and then accidentally fired it during a dispute with a group of teens, prompted by him grabbing one of them for walking on his lawn. Last night, protests involving as many as 300 people broke out throughout the Anaheim area, including in front of that officer's home, in response.

Protests in Anaheim After Incident in Which Off Duty Police Officer Shot Gun During Dispute with Young Teens | Cop Block
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Via Stafford Copblock:

A man who is harming no-one is arrested on charges of being drunk in public, even though the deputies from the Office of Stafford County Sheriff never gave him any sort field sobriety test or breathalyzer.

Stafford county deputies arrest man violently for drunk in public without breathalyzing him | kylemiller | Bambuser