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Copa Coca-Cola
yesterday at 23:39. Facebook
There's always one friend that's one call away to save the day.
Copa Coca-Cola
12/04/2016 at 09:33. Facebook
The discipline you learn in football can be applied to any part of your life - put in the practice and you'll see the results.
Copa Coca-Cola
12/03/2016 at 10:44. Facebook
There will be times when you miss a save. But remember, it's just an opportunity to learn and improve your game.
The ball is now in your possession. Take it all the way to the goal. Choose two friends and @ them to complete the other 2 stages, so you can score the goal together!
Time to call the team together for weekend practice. @A and the first person to pop up will be who you challenge to a game this weekend.
To be the best football athlete, an important component of the game is timing and agility. Can you kick the ball at full power and pass it in time onto the next person? Share your screenshots below.
#ThePerfectionist will go back and forth, analyzing each move, until it's been perfected.
Can't stop staring? #TheArtist will mesmerize you, and before you know it, the ball is in the goal.
Juggling a football with freestyler moves, Nina taught us how to always be on the ball. Show us your best moves and upload it to our page!
#TheMachine's gears are always going and nothing will stop him from becoming the best.
The goalies' speed and quick thinking make them a blur on the pitch.
The Impossible always finds an opportunity to retrieve the ball. Take the challenge and take the ball from both teams. Share your screenshots below...
The Rebel's free spirit drives him to train wherever possible...not just on the pitch.
Shine all day and night on the pitch.
The Perfectionist always knows when and where to place the ball to help achieve the best play. Complete the challenge and share your screenshots below! Tag a friend to also take the challenge.
When the impact of the ball makes them fall, goalkeepers are always ready to hit the ground for a save.
Sometimes it takes a friend to help you reach your goals. How long can you and your friend keep the ball up in the air?
Balance and a light touch are just as important to your game as strength and stamina.
One player's success is everyone's win.
Staying both focused and relaxed at the same is key to balancing your game.