There are many ways to see success but there's only one way to achieve it, through teamwork.
Así dimos inicio, esta tarde, al lanzamiento de la 9na edición de #CopaCocaCola ⚽‍♀
With three simple moves, the outcome of the game can change.
Added resistance is simply another challenge you can overcome.
Make each step matter, on and off the pitch.
It's the New Year so challenge yourself by pushing your limits with new tricks. Screenshot your attempt and leave it in the comments below...
Keep shining bright, day and night.
How fast can you run to retrieve the ball and save the game? Screenshot both attempts and leave it in the comments...
The Joker's tricks will send you into a haze. Before you know it the ball is in the goal.
With her speed, The Artist is always a blur on and off the pitch.
Let confidence elevate your skills to the next level.
Team huddle! What do you say to your team to get the team's spirits up?
Never lose focus and you'll always be ahead of your opponent.
8 ambassadors. 8 countries. 6 languages. United through their one love, football.
When you can't see with your eyes, you have to learn to 'see' with your feet.
Can you defy the odds? Take the challenge and quickly manoeuvre through your opponents to make it to the goal. Screenshot and share your results below...
Now you see it, now you don't! #TheJoker's always on the ball, making people smile.
Even on your breaks, there's an opportunity to up your game. How many times can you keep the ball in the air? Screenshot your results and show us below...
Control the ball from the ground up.