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A ‘Roadmap of Motherhood’ workshop in association with #FortisMammaMia on 21st Jan, to ensure you have a happy journey towards #motherhood!
Register now: or call on: +91 9643822920
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You can't help but laugh at your baby’s tantrums.
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#DidYouKnow Cord blood is used to treat various diseases and disorders and not just cancer.
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Antenatal Care Workshop

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Being #pregnant for the first time can lead to a lot of questions about one's #diet.

Things to eat when you’re Pregnant? Read to know.
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Shavasana helps in relaxing the body, calming the mind and
improving mental health.
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May your dreams fly higher than the kites in the sky. Wishing everyone, a Happy Makar Sankranti.
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#Pregnancy is a great time to be active. Yoga/Fitness session in association with #FortisMammaMia on 14th Jan.
Mail us at or call on: +91 9643822920
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Moms to be, we are back.
Introducing Yoga/Fitness session in association with #FortisMammaMia on 14th Jan. Register now: or call on: +91 9643822920
Opt for special electrolyte-filled water and 2-3 bananas to consume throughout the day to keep leg cramps at bay.
Make electrolytes and potassium your friends during the nine months of your pregnancy.
Our approach towards each and every Cordlife India member is to build a lifelong relationship with them.
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Here are the winners of #ThisNewYear contest.
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Give your baby a relaxing massage to strengthen its limbs and organs.
You can perform this #Yoga pose during pregnancy to increase your stamina and improve balance in the body. It strengthens legs, arms, lower back and tones your lower body.
Parenting is not easy but it sure is fun!
Share your experience #StrugglesOfAParent
Remember, Happy Mama = Happy Baby
A heartwarming story of a baby’s recovery through cord blood transplantation

Read to know the ‘story of hope’ for the Kumar family
Stem cells replace damaged cells. Thus, saving your baby’s cord blood can ensure your child’s well-being in the future against life-threatening diseases.
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