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Because being a parent is a blessing - So let’s do it the good way. Attend the Pregnancy Fitness Workshop on 10th Dec.
Drop an email at mammamia@fortishealthcare.com #FortisMammaMia
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Register for a fun workshop during the most eventful journey of your life in association with #FortisMammaMia. To be a part of it on 10th Dec, send an email to mammamia@fortishealthcare.com
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Let’s bust pregnancy-related myths. In association with #FortisMammaMia, enrol for a pregnancy fitness workshop. To register, drop an email at mammamia@fortishealthcare.com
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In association with #FortisMammaMia , get first-hand knowledge on how exercises can help you have a smooth delivery, on 10th Dec. To Register - Drop an email at mammamia@fortishealthcare.com
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Your baby is a reason to stay fit! Attend ‘Mamma Mia’ Pregnancy Fitness Workshops in association with #FortisMammaMia on 10th Dec. Be a part: Email at
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A #friend in need is a friend indeed! #DiaryOfADad
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Gene therapy holds great promise for treating cancer, inherited disorders, and other diseases. They are built to produce a variety of therapeutic proteins.
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Usually, pregnant women start experiencing morning sickness from their 6th week of pregnancy. The best way to avoid it - Potato chips! #PregnancyHacks
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Triyak Tadasana pose helps in stretching the spinal cord and intestines which help in improving body balance and staying mentally alert during pregnancy.
Cordlife India
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Studies show umbilical stem cells were able to suppress tumor growth by 90% in a 1:15 ratio

Read to know how!

Sharing one of our customer's moment of joy!
The young couple from Madhya Pradesh chose to make a #CordlifeDifference in their lives. Here's what they had to say. #OneChanceOneChoice
#DidYouKnow The chance of an HIV+ pregnant mom passing on the HIV virus to her child is less than 1%?
By taking timely precautions, the baby can be born HIV-free.
Be informed, fight the myths and let it be your choice to become a mom.
Out of the top 10 common cancers in India, Lymphoma and Leukemia can be treated with stem cell transplant.
For more info, visit [ Bit.ly Link ]
Hesiba Jacob, a young mother chose us to make a once-in-a-lifetime decision to store her baby's cord blood. Read more to know the #CordlifeDifference she made in her life. #OneChanceOneChoice
With these 5 simple tips, know how one can soothe their baby after a vaccination.

For all first-time parents, here’s some useful information.

This asana is beneficial for pregnant women because it stimulates & improves the functioning of the reproductive system and enhances blood circulation.
Often considered an ideal medical treatment, tissue engineering is more treatable as it has lesser chances of immune rejection. For more info, visit [ Bit.ly Link ]
Trust your gut feeling!
Stem cell Superhero has many superpowers. One of them is – It can repair nerve cells.
For more info, visit [ Bit.ly Link ] #StemcellSuperhero