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Gentle swinging motions can calm the baby into a peaceful sleep. #DiaryOfADad
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Your body needs more nutrients and vitamins when the baby is growing. Consult your doctor for the appropriate dosage. #TrimesterTips
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Most of the times, everything about perinatal nursing is rewarding and miraculous.

Know more about the journey of a nurse here.
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Placing raw sliced potatoes on eyelids can help in reducing puffiness and dark circles. #PregnancyHacks
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Their various expressions and tantrums never fail to surprise us! Tell us how your little one managed to delight you! #StrugglesOfAParent
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Here's how we celebrated #ValentinesDay.
With love, from @CordlifeIndia
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Taking one step at a time…towards great parenting!
Be a part of ‘Baby steps towards parenting’ workshop on 18th Feb.
Drop a mail at: or
call on: +91 9643822920 #FortisMammaMia
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Announcing the winner for our #ParentinesDay story contest.
Congratulations, Nihali Suratekar!
That was indeed a pleasant tale. :)
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Parenting isn’t easy…Let’s make it worthwhile!
Register for ‘Baby steps towards parenting’ session on 18th Feb here: or call on: +91 9643822920 #FortisMammaMia
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And here is our second winner for the photo contest.
Congratulations, Ripul Prakash! #ParentinesDay
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We're now ready to announce winner no. 1 of our #photo contest.
Congratulations, Tushar Patil. :)
Stay tuned for winner no. 2. #ParentinesDay
And all those sweet things that our parents have done for us. #ParentinesDay
Here’s your chance to win Amazon vouchers.
Send us your special #story which made a difference in your lives.
Time and distance never defined this bond and never will.
Happy #ParentinesDay to all!
Dig into those old photo albums or click a photo now! Send us a photo of you and your parents. Your chance to win amazon vouchers worth Rs. 500.
This #ValentinesDay, we celebrate the unconditional love of parents and children. The love found in their giggles, laughter, joy and #happiness.
Stay tuned for a fun #contest starting tomorrow!
Anand Swaminathan perfectly sums up his idea of #love!
What's yours? Comment below & stay tuned for a fun #contest starting tomorrow. #ParentinesDay
'Unconditional love'
With #ValentinesDay just 'round the corner, tell us your idea of love. Stay tuned for an exciting #contest!
How can I determine my baby’s position in the womb?
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