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Higher education in New York City is being transformed—and Cornell Tech is playing a major role.


Where Halls of Ivy Meet Silicon Dreams, a New City Rises
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Professor Bill Miller of College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University gives a tour to students in the undergraduate horticulture club Hortus Forum this week at the Kenneth Post Laboratory greenhouses. Professor Miller is director of the Flower Bulb Research program: [ Link ]

Photo: Craig Cramer
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Gingrich delivers talk on global role of U.S. to packed house

Gingrich delivers talk on global role of U.S. to packed house
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In a cosmic photo shoot years in the making, a team of astronomers at Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences helped capture the first high resolution images of Saturn’s moon Pan.

Cornell team planned cosmic photo shoot of Saturn's moon Pan
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In 1982, The Atlantic Philanthropies, a foundation established by entrepreneur Charles F. Feeney ’56, made its first-ever grant of $7 million to establish The Cornell Tradition Fellowship. The Tradition is a fellowship program that offers service, work, and scholarship opportunities to many of the university’s most civically minded undergraduates. To date, it has provided more than $41 million...
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A sunlit Libe Slope #Cornell
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There are lots of good reasons to take a Summer Session course at Cornell! Here are five:

-accelerate your degree program
-benefit from smaller classes and really get to know your professors
-attend free evening concerts on the Arts Quad
-take a course that was closed out in the spring; and (drum roll, please)
-check off #31 on the list of 161 things every Cornellian should do: "Enjoy...
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Cornell Summer Session Courses and Programs
A look back in history: March 21 marks the official chartering of the College of Veterinary Medicine as the first state-supported college at Cornell University.
October 15, 1986
Ithaca, New York

"When they tell you your music will live forever, you can usually be sure they're exaggerating. But... these records will last a billion years or more." A recovered letter from Cornell astronomer Carl Sagan reveals the legacy of Chuck Berry's music aboard the Voyager spacecraft.

Photo: From the Interlochen Center for the Arts
While Arthur Campello was still in high school, he was exposed to various research at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS). Now a first-year student conducting lab research early in his college career, Arthur’s curiosity continues to flourish.

“I sometimes wonder who will get this brilliant young man: Will he be trying to solve humanity’s problems or making wonderful...
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Farming in New York has held a presence since the late 1800’s—and the tradition continues to expand. Zaro Bates, possibly the city’s only commercial farmer-in-residence, operates an urban farm in Staten Island with roots tracing back to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University.


A Staten Island Urban Farmer
Cornell Catering was one of 19 local restaurants and caterers participating in the 4th Annual Foodnet Mac 'n Cheese Bowl Saturday, held at the Ithaca High School cafeteria. Proceeds from the event benefitted Foodnet Meals on Wheels.
“Ithaca winters have always brought people together—Giving Day did, too,” reflects Fred Van Sickle, vice president for Alumni Affairs and Development, on the record breaking numbers that resulted from Giving Day 2017.

Giving Day 2017 plows through snow, breaks records
Debunking a century-old understanding of anesthesia, findings from Weill Cornell Medicine not only challenge its fundamental concepts, but may help guide new agents with fewer side effects.

#CornellNYC #ScienceFriday

Study debunks old concept of how anesthesia works
On March 17, in the late 1800’s, Willard Dickerman Straight set into motion a holiday that will live on to become one of Cornell’s best-known traditions: Dragon Day. Celebrated every year in March, first-year architecture students craft an enormous dragon to parade across campus, meeting in the Arts Quad to “battle” a phoenix created by rival students at Cornell University College of...
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Corey Ryan Earle '07 gives "The First American University: A Talk on the History of Cornell" presentation Thursday in Call Auditorium in Kennedy Hall. The historic tour through university history and lore was sponsored by the Cornell Senior Class Campaign 2017, partnered with the 2017 Class Council.
The talk was a condensed version (14 weeks of material in one lecture!) of the class Earle...
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Select programs are ranked among the best in the 2018 U.S. News & World Report of graduate schools. Check out the full list of Cornell's top programs here: [ Link ]

Cornell ranked among best in U.S. News grad school rankings
The upcoming construction of The Graduate Roosevelt Island Hotel in the heart of the Cornell Tech campus will create a unique, central place for the New York City tech community.


Hotel to rise in heart of Cornell Tech campus
Snow fun on the Arts Quad #Cornell