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The goal is to reduce the state's prison and jail population, in part by steering one-time offenders toward jobs and careers in hopes they don't commit.

Committee OKs bill making it easier for Ky. felons to get jobs
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The key is to make the scenarios as real as possible, yet safe from unnecessary training injuries.

4 types of products that can enhance your scenario training
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Officials say the hearing was not called to discuss an inmate uprising at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center earlier this month.

Senate panel eyes Del. prison working conditions
Sessions signaled Thursday his strong support for the federal government's continued use of private prisons, reversing an Obama directive to phase out their use.

Sessions: US to continue use of privately run prisons
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Officers are concerned about their safety and the inmates' safety.

Ky. COs allege security cameras at facility are faulty
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A recidivist gang member whose record includes a 2010 robbery conviction and a 2014 conviction for GTA murdered Officer Keith Boyer ten days after his.

The murder of Officer Keith Boyer reveals the dangers of early prisoner release
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Colby Crawford is the fourth inmate found dead at the facility since it opened in September.

Inmate found dead in Orleans Parish jail, 4th in 5 months
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Lawyers filed a motion to set an execution date for Tommy Arthur, one day after SCOTUS turned down his latest appeal.

Ala. bidding to set execution date for convicted killer
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Sheriff Paul Penzone's office said the inmates went free because federal authorities declined to pick them up after they had become eligible for release.

More than 30 illegal immigrants freed from Phoenix jails after policy change
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With the annual cost to house a prisoner in the U.S. well over $31,000 and rising, why wouldn’t the nation’s facilities examine both environmentally conscious and cost saving options?

7 ideas for correctional leaders who want to “go green”
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William Morva killed a hospital security guard and sheriff''s deputy during an escape that sparked a manhunt that shut down Virginia Tech's campus in 2006.

Supreme Court rejects appeal from cop killer on death row
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"I want the world to see the importance of this program."

Video: 'The Rock' offers juvenile offenders a second chance
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The safety of our officers and the community depend on us being able to protect them during the duty of transporting inmates to and from the hospital.

Hospital Watch: The weakest link in the chain of custody
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When Chief Matthew Mann’s van was struck head on, the inmates he trained jumped into action to save his life.

Inmate firefighters rescue fire chief from car wreck
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Officials said a total of eight officers have quit, with three leaving immediately.

17 prison staff members leave since Del. inmate uprising
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Jeremy Edward Smith pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to making the threats in a 2015 letter he wrote while in solitary confinement.

US inmate admits threatening to blow up government buildings
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Officers, administrative prison staff and families of inmates said gang leaders ordered newcomers to join killing sprees and dismember and behead the dead.

Mass slaughter in Brazil prison exposes gang war over drugs
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The state's parole system for roughly 3,000 long-time state inmates would drop from eight employees to just one, under Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal.

Proposal would shrink parole agency from 8 to 1 employee
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Sgt. Dale Smith said that none of the injuries were life-threatening.

4 federal prisoners hurt in van crash in Md.
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Some lawmakers are pushing for an outside ombudsman's office for the department where complaints about the department policies and actions could get an independent review.

Wash. considers outside oversight of prisons to prevent lawsuits