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Costa Sunglasses
01/13/2017 at 21:51. Facebook
It's officially tournament season!
Sending good vibes to Costa's C1 sailfish team in leg 2 of the prestigious Quest for the Crest.

Cruise on over to costadelmar.com to outfit yourself with shades like the pros.
Costa Sunglasses
01/12/2017 at 20:02. Facebook
Taking time to admire the catch of the day.
Costa Sunglasses
01/11/2017 at 19:48. Facebook
"Stay salty, my friends." ✌

Photo: Daniel Göz
Costa Sunglasses
01/09/2017 at 14:53. Facebook
New frames are here and ready to hit the water!
One of our 2017 favorites, Costa Whitetip, is versatile in style and performance.

See all color options including new Matte Gray at bit.ly/costawhitetip.
Want the eyes of a shark while scanning your favorite flats?

Featuring a vented front, cam action pin hinges, and gripper temples, new 2017 Costa Whitetip packs a bite.

This year, we plan to travel often and listen to the locals. They always know the best spots.

What's one resolution you don't plan on breaking?

Photo: Roland Mott & Danielle Rowland
Seeing is believing.
Where is your favorite view you've seen through Costas?

Photo: Aussie Fly Fisher
With a new year comes new views, new adventures, and even more exploring. Can't wait to See What's Out There with you in 2017.
Happy New Year!
Cheers to you!
End 2016 with $50 in free gifts! Visit costadelmar.com to learn more.
Time's almost up on using your FSA dollars!

Find your local Rx dealer at bit.ly/costarxdealer and learn about Rx Costas today.
Kick back, relax, and treat yourself.

Until New Year's, spend $149 on costadelmar.com and receive over $50 in free gifts!
We’re having a party on the water! Feel free to invite a friend.

Photo: Local Knowledge
New Year, New Gear!

From now until New Year's, spend $149 at costadelmar.com and get over $50 in free gifts including a Costa Beanie, an Assorted Cup, a Clarity Kit, and a Decal! Thank you for being a part of the Costa crew.
From now until New Year's, spend $149 at and get over $50 in gifts!
Spending the holidays on the right track, doing what we love with the ones we love.

Merry Christmas & Best Fishes from your friends at Costa!
Safe travels this holiday season!

Photo: Roland Mott & Danielle Rowland