We are looking back at how Europe looked like when the Rome treaties were signed in 1957 and how core European values have developed since then. Come and have a look at the multimedia exhibition "Ever Closer Union" in the Council's atrium during our open day on 6 May - or check out the online exhibition here: bit.ly/2mDmcE9 #EU60
It's #EarthHour 2017 and the 374 lights in our main building have been switched off. We are fully committed to reducing our environmental impact. Check what we do: [ Bit.ly Link ] Our Europa building is sustainable and environmentaly friendly, read on: [ Bit.ly Link ]
The EU leaders celebrated today 60 years of Rome Treaties at an official ceremony in Rome. They also signed Rome Declaration on the common interests and way forward for the European Union. Find more information: [ Bit.ly Link ]
A moment of unity in Rome. #EU60 #EU27 #FutureofEurope
Unity is our common goal and the way forward. #EU60 #EU27 #FutureofEurope
Joint press conference folllowing the ceremony in Rome.
Celebrate with us 60 years of peace and progress in Europe. #EU60 #FutureofEurope
In the exact same room where the Treaty of Rome was signed 60 years ago between 6 countries. Today with many more people and countries represented around the table.
LIVE - Today we celebrate the Treaties of Rome and 60 years of peace in the EU. Watch LIVE the anniversary celebrations in Rome.
Today we celebrate 60 years of the EU. We know it's not useless, we have united for the better and we look forward to the future! #EU60 #FutureofEurope
Leaders start arriving to Piazza del Campidoglio for the Rome summit
Pope Francis celebrating 60 years of European achievements together with all EU leaders at the #Vatican #EU60
Rome is getting ready for tomorrow's celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Rome treaties! Join us by updating your profile pic: [ Europa-eu60.com Link ] More about the celebrations: europa.eu/!mY74Yk #EU60
Konrad Adenauer, Robert Schuman, Jean Monnet - find out more about Europe's founding fathers with our documentary "Europe through the generations". Watch it in your language: [ Ow.ly Link ] #EU60
Watch now online: Our film about the history of the European Council: europa.eu/!uW79cn #EUCO #EU60
One year after the Brussels attacks, we remember.
#Jesuisbruxelles #ikbenbrussel #Iambrussels
They say the EU is useless. We say they're wrong. Celebrate 60 years of European peace and progress with us on Saturday! #EU60
Ecofin ministers discussed a proposal for reduced VAT rates for e-publications. E-books are taxed at the standard VAT rate and not like 'physical' publications which benefit from a variety of reduced rates. More about today's meeting here: europa.eu/!xb94cK
EU leaders will meet in an EU27 format (without the UK) on 29 April 2017 to adopt the guidelines for the Brexit talks. europa.eu/!gb74Wd
Meeting of the Eurogroup, which includes ministers of the countries who have Euro as their currecy, has finished.
The ministers discussed budgets in euro countries, pension systems and how do they compare and also Greece's economic adjustment programme. Interested in more? [ Bit.ly Link ]