Meeting in Italy, G7 leaders unanimously supported free but fair trade that benefits everyone. They agreed to set up partnerships to help countries tackle root causes of migration, like poverty or political instability. On climate they decided to give the US more time to reflect on its commitment to the Paris agreement. More: [ Link ]
Stephan Edward Valica
Oswald Schröder
G7 leaders meeting in Sicily turned their attention to Africa today. African leaders were invited to join the discussion, with a focus on security, investment and innovation. The G7 is determined to help its African partners achieve a safe and prosperous future.
First day of the G7 summit is almost over. In a strong sign of solidarity after the Manchester attacks, the leaders spoke with one voice against terrorism in all its forms. They were united in their determination to ensure that citizens are safe and their way of life preserved. They vowed to do whatever it takes to find and punish terrorists. [ Link ]
Hearts & Minds for Europe
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Two-day G7 summit starts today in Taormina, Italy. Leaders discuss how to better protect citizens in the world, look at climate change, trade and foreign affairs. EU is represented by Donald Tusk, European Council President and Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission President. More: [ Link ]
οδυσσέας Μίνως
Oswald Schröder
Fundamental Western values, like freedom and human rights give EU-US cooperation and friendship its deepest meaning. Values and principles come first – this was European Council President Donald Tusk's main message to US President Donald J. Trump. They met for the first time in Brussels today. More: [ Link ]
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Klara Sola
Maria Lima
Watch LIVE NOW - US President @DonaldTrump arriving at EUROPA building for his first meeting in Brussels with the EU institutions
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Joseph M. Hughes
Today Council staff observed a minute of silence to pay tribute to the victims of Manchester attacks. We shared our condolences with the UK. Europe stands by the UK in the fight against terrorism, always. #WeStandTogether
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More group work and less focus on marks and exams, awareness classes on climate change and more volunteering activities – these are some of the recommendations that three young Maltese students brought to the meeting of education ministers in Brussels earlier this week. Find out more about the meeting: [ Link ]
Matt Hart
The Council agreed today on a new system for handling double taxation disputes in the EU. This would ensure that companies or people don’t pay tax twice because of discrepancies across the EU. Finance ministers also discussed draft rules for a common corporate tax base, which would reduce red tape for multinational companies. More: [ Link ]
Thomas Engell
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Klara Sola
Culture brings people closer, prevents conflicts and helps wounds to heal. This is why the Council adopted today new guidance on culture in the European Union's external relations. More: [ Link ]
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The Eurogroup, which met yesterday, commended the work done by Greece to carry out many of the agreed reforms. Eurozone finance ministers also discussed the sustainability of Greece's public debt. Find out more: [ Link ]
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Gustaf Ostergren
EU has protected its culture as well as the respect for others. Today, the EU ministers agree on EU strategy for international cultural relations. See what else is on the agenda: [ Link ]
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Jacek London
Today's Council on education and youth focused on the future of young people and challenges they are facing. In education, the EU works on improving comparability and portability of qualifications across Europe. For more details: [ Link ]
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Zap Van Der Berg
Brexit negotiations can start: today EU27 ministers authorised the opening of negotiations with the UK. They also adopted the first set of negotiating directives for the talks and formally appointed the Commission as the EU negotiator. Find out more: [ Link ]
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Michael Matthew Mazowiecki
This year Erasmus turns 30, helping young Europeans to study abroad, travel, fall in love and explore since 1987! #EU60 #Erasmus EU ministers evaluate the program today. More info: [ Link ]
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What's happening at the Council this week?
Check out our meeting calendar:!uP87FT and the schedule of President Tusk:!bk97Rr
What's happening at the Council this week
EU ministers will give the green light tomorrow for #Brexit negotiations with the UK. A first step is to provide as much clarity as possible to citizens - whether EU citizens in the UK or UK citizens in the EU. There's many other things also to be discussed:!Bj84Qw
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Have a look at who came to visit the Council in April. If you want to come over too with a group, click here: [ Link ]
Have a look at who came to visit the Council in April
Good news: This week the EU took action to #MakeMercuryHistory & ratified the Minamata Convention to protect its citizens from mercury pollution. Read what this means for you:!Qg64NV
Matt Hart
See what the EU has done to help farmers in Ethiopia and elsewhere - being the world's largest donor of development aid. Today EU ministers will adopt a new consensus on development:!Vv68GM
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Antuanetta Pavlin
Antuanetta Pavlin