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See where Donald Trump plans on taking U.S. foreign policy, including on issues of national security, trade, defense, and more.

Tracking Donald Trump on Foreign Policy

In the wake of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's resignation, the problems posed by Italy's struggling banks and weak economy are only going to deepen, writes CFR's Robert Kahn.

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What Next for Italy?

Trump's economic agenda could prove disruptive to trade and growth, face headwinds in Congress, and exert a contractionary impact on the U.S. economy, warns CFR's Robert Kahn.

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Headwinds for the Trump Economy

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced Sunday night that he would resign following the decisive defeat of a constitutional amendment he backed in a national referendum. 60% of voters rejected the proposed reforms, which would have reduced the powers of parliament and its number of seats.

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Daily News Brief - December 5, 2016

How will a Trump administration handle U.S. relationships in Asia? See what CFR Asia Program experts are saying and share your thoughts below.

Council on Foreign Relations

With regional deals like the TPP facing an uncertain fate, get the background on the state of U.S. trade.

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What's Next for U.S. Trade Policy?

Italy’s vote today on constitutional reforms will have consequences for the country's ailing banking system as well as the broader economy of the European Union, explains CFR's Robert Kahn.

Europe Braces For Italy's Referendum

But to move toward a solution on North Korea, the Trump administration will have to find a way to break the cycle of dependency on China, argues CFR's Scott A. Snyder.

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UN Passes “Toughest Sanctions Ever” on North Korea

Listen to The World Next Week to learn more about the escalation of Syria's humanitarian crisis, the upcoming Italian constitutional referendum, and the legacy of Fidel Castro.

The World Next Week

Why does President-Elect Trump's phone call with the leader of Taiwan matter to China? Get the background on the fragile relationship.

A Primer on China-Taiwan Relations

As the Trump transition and South Korea's political scandal continues, what will Kim Jong-un's play be? Scott Snyder's take:

Trump Transition, South Korean Quagmire, and North Korea’s Opportunity

On Sunday, Italians will vote on a constitutional referendum that some fear could bring about renewed economic turbulence across Europe, writes CFR's Robert Kahn.

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What Italy's Referendum Means

Catch up on world events this week, including Fidel Castro's legacy, Italy's upcoming referendum, and Trump's play in Asia. Don't forget to subscribe for more!

The World This Week - December 2, 2016

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Listen to a new episode of The President's Inbox for a look at how the Trump administration could reshape national security policy:

The President's Inbox

In a move being hailed as the latest referendum on rising populism across the globe, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has vowed to resign if voters reject an overhaul of the country's legislature, which its critics say will give too much power to the prime minister.

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Daily News Brief - December 2, 2016

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Colombia's Congress has approved a revised peace accord with the FARC. Get the background on the 52-year old conflict: [ On.cfr.org Link ]
South Africa has been the world’s ground zero for HIV/AIDS, writes CFR's John Campbell. #WorldAIDSDay

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Progress on HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Experts discuss how the United States can better prepare for and protect the homeland with the growing threat of ISIS inspired terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Share your thoughts in the comments!