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What it is to be a mother in Gaza? Nesma Seyam tells her own story of becoming a mother, the joy,excitement, fear and anguish.

Joy And Fear: A Mother’s Lot In Gaza
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Most people of good will in the United States and elsewhere oppose Donald Trum’s racism, bigotry and and neo-fascism. It is a mistake, however, to attack his wish for better relations with Russia. A nuclear war tbetween Russia and the United States would be a catastrophe uf unimaginable proportions, from which human civilization would hardly recover. In a situation of tension, such a war...
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Trump And The Deep State By John Scales Avery
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It is terribly sad, in fact, shattering that a shocking report in a prominent English daily of Delhi (The Times of India, ‘Dalit nominee sits on floor, carries own cup’, February 9, 2017 by Alok Sharma)[i] about practising of Untouchability, what to talk of creating ripples, did not even become a news for more than a day. It did not shake conscience of the judiciary, National Commission for...
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Return Of Untouchability
How did Nawar al-Awlaki,an 8-year-old child, die at the hands of a Navy Seal during last month’s night time raid in Yemen? We know from credible reports that she was shot in the neck at close range and received no medical aid throughout the remaining two hours of her life. Some questions come to mind: Was the shooting intentional? Did the soldier deliberately and with “malice aforethought”...
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Death Of Nawar al-Awlaki
19 children have died in the Nagada village of Chingudipala Panchayat of Sukinda block in Jajpur district, Odisha

Child Deaths In Nagada
On eve of Valentine’s Day, these forces spread a rumor that on 14th February 1931, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were hanged by British government. And we celebrate this day as Valentine’s Day! Isn’t it surprising and condemning? The zealots went ahead to spread this misinformation through Wikipedia, the preferable web dictionary for the net savvy, to know who is who and what is what....
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Beware Of Alt-Facts: What’s Bhagat Singh Got To Do With Valentine’s Day?
Stand up for Teesta Setalvad. It's time the whole country showed solidarity to this indomitable fighter and preserved the spirit of Constitution of India [ Link ]
This is the second essay in our series on the distress deaths in the Cauvery delta districts of Tamil Nadu, which has now climbed into the 250s

Death Ravages Cauvery Delta Districts: The The Business of Credit
It is her stubborn commitment to constitutionalism and justice that drives this foot soldier of Indian Constitution. It is this commitment that gives her energy to fight all her battles. It is sad that this fighter for constitutionalism being targeted, vilified to the point of crucifixion. When our constitution faces one of the greatest threats in the history of this republic, reading this...
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Teesta Setalvad: Foot Soldier Of The Constitution
"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can quietly become a power no government can suppress, a power that can transform the world" - Howard Zinn
Today’s Times of India has reported that CBI has filed criminal charges against the well known human rights activist Teesta Setalvad and her husband Javed Anand. Placing Teesta Setalvad as a criminal, exhibits the decadency of CBI as a puppet of Narendra Modi in their support for vindictiveness of Modi against Teesta Setalvad, for raising the responsibility of his role as a Chief Minister in...
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Criminal Case Against Teesta Setalvad And Javed Anand Is Political Vindictiveness
A federal judge in Washington state issued a nationwide injunction late Friday against President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order on immigration—widely denounced as a travel ban targeting Muslims and refugees from war-torn states—that stirred airport protests across the U.S. last weekend and dozens of lawsuits and legal challenges throughout the week.

Muslim Ban Blocked: Federal Judge Issues Nationwide Injunction Against Trump Order
Please Support Standing Rock Sioux for the long-haul

The Sioux are going to have to be in the fray for the long-haul. We are going to have to support them for the long-haul. Are we up to it? Have you any ideas about ways that we can assist? How can I find the sort of help for my own efforts to serve the Sioux? Have you contacts? If so, please share! I want a truck, a driver and finances for...
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Please Help Sioux for the long-haul
Should the left make common cause with those on the right when it comes to opposing globalization, irrespective of our profound opposition to the rest of the rightist agenda? Can we hold our noses and engage with this strange bedfellow to slay our ‘common’ foe, globalization? I do not think so. Not only is right-wing anti-globalization based on a deeply flawed and internally incoherent...
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Trump’s Populist Deceit
In a series of decisive administrative actions yesterday, the Chhattisgarh government announced the appointment of Sri P Sundararaj, IPS as DIG of the newly-created Dantewada Range. Bastar IG Sri SRP Kalluri has been asked to proceed on long leave

At Last Some Action Against IG Kalluri Of Bastar
We must fight the encroaching fascism. We must fight it hard and fight it now. This time, fascism is global in its implications and nuclear in its capabilities.

We Must Fight
The conference proposed below can be named the Countercurrents Conference.. We will be underwriting the cost of the gathering as a tribute to John Avery Scales, one of the worldwide activists who we cite at the end of this article as a hopeful participant. All readers are invited to attend, some will be financially subsidized as per the details below.

Call For Countercurrents Conference
Where, then, does the burden lie to combat such material? Where it always did: at the end of the production process (for news is undeniably produced, as opposed to discovered). It is the consumer of news who remains judge, the reader, however well informed. All agents have responsibility to oversee it, to question it, but the ultimate point of reception should be the greatest questioner,...
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The Fake News Inquiry: Old Wine In New Bottles
For many decades now, the delta farmers have been at the receiving end of the water dispute between the two riparian neighborsTamilnadu and Karnataka. This year, along with Cauvery the monsoon also failed them. More than 250 farmers have died over the last three months – some committed suicide while many died of shock and pent-up trauma, according to media reports and farmers associations

The Cauvery Delta Withers