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“Indian Constitution Unriddled :Search for Sources” is a monumental work published by Purogami Prakashana , Hubli, in 2015 March. The volume is compiled by late Sri SG Nadgir and Dr. KS Sharma, and published to mark the birth centenary of the former, a renowned teacher. What follows here is the Foreword to the book by Dr.KS Sharma, eminent Professor of Law. It is worth studying on the eve of...
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Indian Constitution Unriddled : Search For Sources
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The US National Intelligence Council has predicted a nuclear war between India and Pakistan in 2028. The prediction came in the Council report released recently under the title: Global Trends: Paradox of Progress.

US Intelligence National Council Predicts Indo-Pakistan Nuclear War In 2028
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Many of us are relatively fortunate. It’s very obvious when we contrast our lives to the lives of others. Yet what can we do to help those who have been severely compromised to bring peace to us all? What can we do for the people, the other animals, the forests, the wetlands, meadows and so on? How can we help preserve rather than tear down the world and others around us?

How Do We Assist Those Not As Fortunate As Ourselves?
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The ‘Bangalore Joins Global Resistance to Trump’ was a remarkable event, as we joined the #ResistTrump movement that has engulfed and raged around the world in continents.

Bangalore Protests Against Trumpism
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Just a couple of days after she helped a team of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to investigate complaints of rapes by the security forces near Bijapur (South Chhattisgarh), Bela Bhatia was told by a mob of goons to leave her house in Parpa village outside Jagdalpur or face the consequences.

Social Activist Bela Bhatia Attacked At Home In Bastar, Asked To Leave In 24 Hours
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There is a push to displace the current productive system with a corporate-controlled model geared towards the maximisation of profit and the erosion of existing deeply-embedded and culturally relevant social relations. For all the fraud and corruption surrounding GM mustard, this alone should convince any bystanders to question the ongoing drive – against all the recommendations – to...
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Development And India: Why GM Mustard Really Matters
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When history is beckoning to being written and written fairly- Shashi Tharoor has given us An Era of Darkness, a poetically written and accessible fulmination against British Colonialism in India and its apologists. Tharoor has produced a work- as important a popular book as I have seen recently- that describes the myriad ways in which the British lied, stole, murdered, and legislated their...
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Busting The Busts Of Churchill: Why Reading “An Era Of Darkness” By Shashi Tharoor Is Necessary
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Dear Friend,

It's inauguration day of the commander in chief of THE EMPIRE. And what an emperor we've got! As Richard Heinberg says in his article " Inauguration Day: A Good Day For A Walk In The Woods" - "In my view, the most revealing personal characteristic of president #45 may be his complete disconnection from the natural world. Here is an individual who grew up in a city, who sees...
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The Emperor's Inauguration Day News Letter
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There are many governments today that can be described unjust, and some that even deserve to be called fascist. What is the duty of the individual citizen, living under such a government? What was the duty of a German, living under Hitler? The thoughts of Thoreau, Tolstoy, Gandhi and Martin Luther King can help us answer this question. The Nuremberg Principles can also help us to answer it.

Individual Responsibility
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How can a person so isolated from natural phenomena hope to understand the vulnerability of our planet’s climate, water, air, and innumerable species to the actions of people (one hastens to add—people much like himself)? How can he appreciate that civilization itself is an organism with a constant need for “food” (not just grain and meat, but energy, minerals, and water as well), that is...
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Inauguration Day: A Good Day For A Walk In The Woods
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What Works in Conservation 2017, a free online book just published by University of Cambridge conservation specialists, aims to help conservation workers navigate that sea. With the guidance of an international team of experts, the book summarizes, organizes and evaluates the outcomes of specific conservation practices reported in more than 150 scientific journals as well as in unpublished...
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A Look At What Works And — And Doesn’t — In The World Of Conservation
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The milestone is a first for the UK and reflects a collapse in coal generation, which contributed just 9.2% of UK electricity last year, with 11.5% from wind. The coal decline saw its output fall to the lowest level since 1935. It also means CO2 emissions from UK power generation will have fallen by around 20% in 2016, as coal was largely replaced by lower-emissions gas. This reduction will be...
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UK Wind Generated More Electricity Than Coal In 2016
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With reference to the unsigned editorial ‘Indian Newspaper industry: Red Ink splashed across the bottom line’ (TOI, Jan 19, 2017), a case is being made out for concessions to the newspaper industry on the grounds that it is in the doldrums and is beleaguered by various burdens, including that of wage board wages, GST, DAVP, etc. Without mentioning the recent illegal closure of six editions of...
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TOI Editorial On Indian Newspaper Industry Smells Like Match-Fixing
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Dear Friend,

The Senate Armed Services Committee gave near-unanimous approval Wednesday to Donald Trump’s choice to head the Pentagon, voting by 26-1 to approve retired Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis as the next secretary of defense. The unanimity of Democratic support for Trump’s national security nominees demonstrates the real nature of the transition from the Obama administration to the...
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But it’s also a celebration that in contrast to this pool of mediocrity, we still have publishers like Haymarket Books that continue to produce progressive work on, inter alia, sociology, economics, environment, race, gender, and history.

Thank You Haymarket Books!
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For the third year in a row, the world experienced its warmest year on the books, global scientists have determined. The new assessments come from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the UK’s Met Office, as well as the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), which relies in part on data from those agencies....
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2014 Was Hottest Year Ever Recorded. Then It Was 2015. Now It’s 2016.
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While Trump deserves to be harshly critiqued, we should not pretend that he and his supporters are an aberration. When during the campaign President Obama said of Trump, “That’s not the America I know,” my response was: Trump and his supporters, like it or not, represent ideas at the core of the America that we all know, if we are willing to be honest. Trump articulates ideas that are closer...
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If We’re Honest, We All Know Trump’s America
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Ayyankali, the Dalit firebrand in Kerala who fought Caste apartheid through innovation and resistance that inspires even till today. A contemporary of Ambedkar he was born into the Pulaya community in Thiruvananthapuram. He burned with the injustices his community faced. Dalits were landless and exploited, punished for crossing into caste hindu areas, and both men and women were targets of...
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Post-truth does not carry the same meaning and context across the world. Each nation and each society, politically and socially, has its individual interpretation of post-truth political world and its impact on the social and the economic landscape. Following Einstein’s theory of relativity, it is a relativistic term.

Post-Truth Is A ‘Relative’ Concept; India Experiencing It For Years
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The year was 2018 and in an emotional address on primetime TV, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had exhorted his countrymen to part with all their hair to ‘Save the Nation’. There was simply no precedent, in all of world history, for such a ‘barberous’ policy. The new rules were in fact announced on 8 November 2018 – exactly two years after Modi’s shocking demonetisation decree ....
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Modis Operandi: When India Went ‘Keshless’