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Don’t you know promises were never meant to keep? Just like the night, they dissolve off in sleep I’ll be your savior, steadfast and true I’ll come to your emotional rescue I̵…

The Masses Don’t Vote Intelligently…….Take It or Leave It
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When your goal is 4 or 5 years of power, the people do not go to the polling booth exuding intelligent strategic considerations. So, if you have not been quietly plugging away and organizing people in large areas of the country, in remote communities and small towns, block by block and raising hell about inequality and corporate controls and actually mobilizing people on a daily basis, without...
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The Masses Don’t Vote Intelligently…….Take It or Leave It
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On March 23, 2017, we will be commemorating 86th year of the great martyrdom of the three revolutionaries, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. However, with every passing yearsadness keeps on growing that so far as mainstream political set-up is concerned their sacrifices attract only ceremonial attention that too occasionally. Indian democracy despite being seven decades mature has brazenly...
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On 86th Martyrdom Day Of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev: British Rulers Hanged Them Once, Indian Rulers Hang Them Everyday!
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After having made huge profits through the exploitation of Yemeni workers for years in peacetime conditions, French energy giant multinational TOTAL and British company G4S have used the circumstances of the war for a “hit-and-run” wage robbery. They assumed they could get away with it thanks to the international media blackout on Yemen and to the dysfunctional and collapsing state...
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Yemen: Workers And Their Families Left To Starve By Multi-Billionaire Companies
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Cow vigilante groups swung into action in Jaipur on Sunday, just a day after Yogi Adityanath of the Hindu Yuva Vahini, which champions the cause of cow protection, was sworn in chief minister of UP. The hotel was sealed by the police

A Hotelier Attacked In The Name Of Beef In Jaipur
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We should rejoice the fact that whether these were elections of 2014 or 2017, the Hindutva camp has been able to secure around 30% of the total votes. Even in UP elections where according to pro-RSS commentators ‘Hindutva aandhi (storm)’ demolished all opposition, as per the polled voted it was catch of less than 40%. Hindutva aggression shows that Hindus are not falling in the Hindutva trap....
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Mahant Yogi Adityanath As Chief Minister Of Uttar Pradesh: Why Hindutva Juggernaut Rolls On?
03/18/2017 at 19:25. Facebook
India’s Bahujan secular forces want a grand alliance of all the like minded secular social justice Ambedkarite Bahujan left forces to join hand in the greater interest of the country. Please don’t join hand just for election purposes only but make a common minimum programme and work accordingly. The time is too short for next general elections and Modi may surprise political parties if and...
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Rise Of Yogi Adityanath: Time For Unity Of Purpose
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The crisis of the Congress is more ideological and social, rather than a mere question of leadership. If the Congress should still re-emerge as “spokesman of the nation” besides “its affirmed agent of criticism and change,” it should, by and large, revisit its very approach to the existing policy regime

Tectonic Shift In ‘Congress System’: Debating ‘Leadership’ And Silence On Policy Regime
03/18/2017 at 14:02. Facebook
Given this change in outlook by everyone concerned (farmers, professional scientists, teachers, extension workers, administrators and politicians), the practical measures that need to be taken fall logically into place. It must become the objective of all establishment personnel to work with farmers, not as advisors, but as facilitators of the process of farmer re-empowerment. This will...
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Learning From The past: A New Protocol For Agricultural Education And Research In India
John Avery is someone who is an academician but not restrained by the rigidity of the academic community. He is a scientist but not constrained to his area of study. He is someone who connects the dots. With his deep knowledge and vast experience he surmises human destiny scientifically. No, he is someone who is worried about the fate of all life forms on earth. More than everything else he...
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Interview With John Scales Avery, One Of The Greatest Living Intellectuals On Earth
Just a year after the shocking suicide of dalit scholar Rohith Vemula in Hyderabad Central University, another dalit scholar from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Muthu Krishnan (28) committed suicide in a friend’s home. He was found hanging from a ceiling fan at his friend’s house in the national capital on Monday. Muthu Krishnan had been at the forefront of the movement for justice for...
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JNU Dalit Scholar Commits Suicide
In 2009, the Government of India announced a new nation-wide initiative viz. “Integrated Action Plan” (IAP) for broad coordinated operations to deal with the ‘Naxalite’ problem. This plan included increased funding for special police for better containment and reduction of Naxalite influence. Kobad Ghandy’s arrest in September 2009 was a direct fall out of this IAP.

In India Any Social Activist Can Be Arrested, Charged And Tried – Sans Evidence – For Terrorism: Kobad Ghandy’s Case
In Denmark we have a very large production of pork. The small country with 5 million people, raise about 25 million pigs every year. No other country has as many pigs per capita in the world, and Denmark has the most intensive concentration of pigs in the world. Also 60 percent of our land is farmed. Another world record! Danish farmers use 120 tons antibiotics every year – 90 ton in the pig...
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The Pig Industry And The Usage Of Antibiotics In Denmark
Bastar Solidarity Network, Mumbai organised the book release of “ Bearing Witness : Sexual Violence in South Chhatisgarh” on 10th Mach 2017. The book has been brought out by Women against Sexual violence and State repression ( WSS ).

‘Bearing Witness: Sexual Violence in South Chhattisgarh’ – Book by WSS Released
The Governments have no political solution to address Maoist issue in this country while the liberal academic and urban intelligentsia started rallying behind the ideology mooted by them. This is gathering a moral support at a macro level and attaching credibility to the sincere anger of Maoists. In such case, Governments resorted to a war on Intelligentsia in which prof. Saibaba has become an...
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Prof. G.N. Saibaba – Victim Of Everything !
Several springs, summers, autumns and winters have come and gone in these 5614 days. This grandmother stood in the icy cold of many a winter Copenhagen days. I leave this peace grandmother with the lines of Shelley on my mind,

The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,
If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

The Peace Grandmother Of Copenhagen
It is evident that the success of the port to even realise its immediate economic returns hinges on many ifs and buts which in themselves are unrealistic. Massive loss of livelihood in the tourism and fishing sector will be wrought about by the port and the purported gains are far outsripped by these losses. The revenue sharing model will push the push the already strained state economy into...
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Vizhinjam Port: An Economic Mirage
What it is to be a mother in Gaza? Nesma Seyam tells her own story of becoming a mother, the joy,excitement, fear and anguish.

Joy And Fear: A Mother’s Lot In Gaza
Most people of good will in the United States and elsewhere oppose Donald Trum’s racism, bigotry and and neo-fascism. It is a mistake, however, to attack his wish for better relations with Russia. A nuclear war tbetween Russia and the United States would be a catastrophe uf unimaginable proportions, from which human civilization would hardly recover. In a situation of tension, such a war...
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Trump And The Deep State By John Scales Avery