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Once upon a time, the "gh" did stand for a specific sound—one we don’t have in English today. (via mental_floss)

What Is ‘gh’ Doing in So Many English Words?
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Hey Arizona State University - we're beyond stoked in collaborating with you to make our products for students and educators! #edtech

New education technologies find a test market at ASU
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Better sleep habits = better grades (via PureWow)

9 Game-Changing Items to Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep
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Master your memory and never forget anything again - read all about it in our newest blog, posted today!

Doing Away With Memorization: How Course Material Is Truly Mastered - Course Hero Blog
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Here's what they really mean. (via mental_floss)

10 Latin Phrases People Pretend to Understand
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You can wear a corset and still be a badass (via OZY)

The Female Explorer Who Taught Men a Lesson in Humanity
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These pranks went above and beyond. (via mental_floss)

11 of the Greatest Class Pranks in History
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“The last four answers have been A…better mark C on this one.” (via BuzzFeed)

18 Hilarious Pictures You'll Get If You've Ever Taken An Exam
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We know it's back to school for some... if you're already stressed over new assignments, don't let that bring you down!

Check out our latest blog on helpful online essay writing tools - you've got your next paper in the bag!

10 Helpful Online Essay Writing Tools to Explore - Course Hero Blog
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The average American has a vocabulary in the thousands. Try these tricks to make sure yours stacks up. (via Reader's Digest)

Improve Your Vocabulary in Just One Day | Reader's Digest
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One last time to procrastinate before classes ramp up! (via BuzzFeed)

50 Of The Best BuzzFeed Community Posts Of 2016
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People wave these rules around all the time. Set them straight! (via mental_floss)

4 Fake Grammar Rules You Don't Need to Worry About
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In case this is your last semester…. (via BuzzFeed)

19 Things Every College Senior Should Do Before They Graduate
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Live on our blog - practicing the art of mindfulness for academic and personal success! #livemindfully #edtech

Need a Cure for Cramming? Try Mindfulness in the Classroom - Course Hero Blog
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6 tech resolutions you should make in 2017 (via Mashable)

6 tech resolutions you should make in 2017, and how to keep them
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Maybe you felt a little eager at the start of the new semester, and you joined too many things. Maybe you overcommitted... but you really can't give anything up, because you love everything you do. What now?

Read our blog, now up on our site, about how to manage your time effectively, and be your own champ!

Time Management: An Athlete’s Perspective - Course Hero Blog