02/24/2017 at 20:12. Facebook
Planning a party this weekend? Turn it into a private wine tasting with tips from UC Davis’ Wine Appreciation Faculty.

New: For Foodies and Wine Lovers…
02/23/2017 at 16:27. Facebook
Studying on Coursera inspired Leah, a teacher and researcher in Israel, to embrace her own unconventional approach to motivating students.

Learner Story: A Statistics Teacher Takes the Initiative
02/22/2017 at 19:11. Facebook
Diverse perspectives can give a team a big performance boost. In this new University of Pennsylvania Specialization, you’ll learn how top companies optimize diversity.

Starts Next Week: Culture-Driven Team Building
02/16/2017. Facebook
David, a father of four and full-time professional, found the learning experience he’d dreamed of on Coursera. Now, he’s pursuing an MBA.

Learner Story: A father of four finds a path to an MBA
02/14/2017. Facebook
Can data science help you find love? It can’t hurt to try - this Valentine’s Day, put the “R” back in Romance!

Valentine’s Day Special: Statistics with R(omance)
02/09/2017. Facebook
Celebrate African American History month by following in the footsteps of African American STEM pioneers like NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson.

Starts This Week: Principles of Computing
02/08/2017. Facebook
Krystal wanted a career that merged art and science - and she found a perfect fit in programming with her first Coursera course.

Learner Story: From film, to architecture, to Python
02/03/2017. Facebook
Sneak peek videos give you a glimpse into top courses on popular topics. Today's featured video is from the Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization,

What is data visualization, and why do we do it? | Coursera Blog
02/02/2017. Facebook
Success isn’t predicted by IQ - it’s earned, day by day, through small actions. Learn more in this new course from the University of Michigan.

New Course: The Science of Success
01/31/2017. Facebook
Coursera’s global community is a source of strength and pride. We stand in solidarity with immigrants, refugees, and others - regardless of country of origin - who are working to better their lives through education.

Standing in Solidarity with Immigrants and Refugees | Coursera Blog
01/31/2017. Facebook
Build a foundation for your next career move - whether that’s a promotion, an MBA program, or starting your own company.

Starts Next Week: Foundations of Management
01/27/2017. Facebook
Become a business analyst - learn from Accenture case studies and top professors in a Specialization from ESSEC Business School.

Starts Monday: Strategic Business Analytics
01/26/2017. Facebook
Prep for your next job interview with 100+ hands-on programming challenges designed by UC San Diego and Higher School of Economics experts.

This Week: Master Data Structures and Algorithms
01/24/2017. Facebook
Coursera for Refugees partners with Tarjama, a leading Arabic language solutions provider, to provide course subtitles in Arabic for refugees around the world.

New Coursera for Refugees Partner: Tarjama
01/23/2017. Facebook
We’re thrilled to announce partnerships in 7 countries to close the skills gap and prepare communities for the jobs of tomorrow.

Announcing Coursera for Governments & Nonprofits | Coursera Blog
01/20/2017. Facebook
Want to become an expert programmer - in any language? Start by looking at software in a fresh, fun, and beautiful new way.

Now Open: Programming Languages, Part A
01/18/2017. Facebook
Natalie took the first step to explore her passion for neuroscience on Coursera - now, she’s preparing for graduate school.

Learner Story: Stepping Into a Passion for Neuroscience
01/18/2017. Facebook
Explore our new interactive infographic - learn how topic interests among online learners vary across the U.S., and check out the trends that make your home state unique.

United States of Knowledge: Coursera’s 12 Learning Regions | Coursera Blog
01/16/2017. Facebook
Celebrate MLK’s birthday - learn how the lessons of the civil rights movement apply to today’s social issues.

Featured Course: From Freedom Rides to Ferguson
01/13/2017. Facebook
Last call to submit your story! Deadline tomorrow, January 14 at 5PM PST.

This Week Only: Call for Videos!