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Today's Tip: add a green smoothie to your diet to balance the amount of your sugar intake. This is also a great meal replacement and combats nutrient deficiencies.
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Healthy Living at Savanna La Mar
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Savanna La Mar goes Healthy today; join us and get your 'Bodhi' right with Meisha-Gaye Mattis!
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King Street was a buzz with Learn How To...

Thank you for supporting the series and we sincerely hope this was helpful - let us know your feedback is important to us.
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• New computer setup • Tablet/e-reader setup
• Printer setup and troubleshooting • Virus removal
• Computer tune-up • Software troubleshooting
• E-mail setup and troubleshooting • Device setup

TechBar clicks at Washington Blvd

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Get your ‘Bodhi’ right with the Courts Healthy Living workshops guided by Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Meisha-Gay Mattis - get tips to kick start weight loss, boost your immune system, energy levels and reduce stress!

Savanna La Mar - Gets Healthy - MAR 25, 2017

On March 21st, we recognize and celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. Let's continue to show kindness and acceptance and let everyone know that being different is amazing! Show your support, post your colourful SOCKS below! #LotsOfSocks #MyColourfulSocks #CourtsSupports
Two main things influence which machine is best for you - space to install the washer and your washing needs. Come for informative LEARN HOW TO sessions - last one this Thursday -11AM -KING STREET, March 23!!
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Meisha_Gaye Mattis on the value of juicing