Covenant (OFFICIAL)
02/24/2017 at 22:09. Facebook
time for doom, have a great weekend
Covenant (OFFICIAL)
02/19/2017 at 19:47. Facebook
March 11th our first show in Copenhagen in many years with DJs and afterparty. Will be fun!

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when you are in France #backstage #cannes #industrial21
America! Sweden offers you a real treat. Don't miss this amazing band!
Salutations de l'ile St Honorat. A demain Cannes!

After a month of rest following a busy year with album production, release and first leg of the European tour can't wait to get back on the road and come back to Cannes.

Last time in Cannes we had just released Modern Ruin and decided to perform the whole album from beginning to end to the surprised audience… we won’t do that again. But as we had just...
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Dear Friends. While having a short break from touring with Covenant I am performing livemusic in the theatrepiece "The one and the Many". This weekend we play Copenhagen and later in Berlin. Please show up if you are around. All the best. Yours. /Andreas Catjar

The One and the Many | Teater Får 302
Our friends Aesthetic Perfection would like a moment of your time. Please have a look.
Our friend and EBM/techno-legend Thomas demonstrating the mighty PPG Wave 2. We have the modern versions Microwave v1 and Microwave XT that we used alot especially at the time around the album Northern Light.


PPG Wave 2 Presented by Thomas P. Heckmann. With one of his favourite synths at hand, TPH is ready for the last episode of his Devil's Kitchen series on Tele...

Our Helsingborg comrade Five o'clock Traffic at Eter Festival tonight. Many great bands and vibe!

Don't miss Daniel Myer's Liebknecht. LA, Phoenix and SLC. In less than two weeks.

Just don't.
Thanks Porto we had a wonderful time. Our thoughts tonight go out to Berlin hope everyone is safe <3
Cidade Invicta!
Our adventures on the Iberian Peninsula continues tonight in Porto. Nice poster <3

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Soundcheck in Madrid. Thanks everyone yesterday in Barcelona, we had a blast!
Rain storm tonight in Barcelona with Daniel Myer and Andreas Catjar. See you at Sala Bikini!
Arrived in Barcelona. We're gonna enjoy our first night with tapas and friends, as you do in spain. See you at the shows in Barcelona and Madrid, before we go to Porto on Sunday.
New adventures in Barcelona, Madrid and Porto <3
Lovely weekend in Malmö that including dinner with friends from far away, Abdulla Rashim (great new Swedish gloomy techno) on Friday and then the fabulous annual electriXmas party on Saturday. Next weekend Spain x2 + Portugal <3