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Soggy sandwiches spoiling the day? Super Yummies can come to the rescue with resealable packs that are easy to take on the go.
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It's #PhotoFriday! Oops! Who missed their mouth (a few times) this morning? We’d love to see pics of those messy mouths, porridgy fingers and foodie fringes!
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With vitamin D and calcium for normal growth and development of bone, and iron to support normal cognitive development, our Growing Up Milk is nutritionally tailored to help with your toddler's growing needs, as part of a balanced diet.
Thumbs up if your busy little bee has tried it!
Are you a toe-tickler or a karaoke queen? Tell us what tactics you use to get your little one giggling and gobbling when breakfast time doesn’t go to plan!
It's #PhotoFriday! What happens when the brekkie bowl’s empty? It becomes a hat, of course! We'd love to see a pic of your best baby bowl(er)!
As your little one takes on exciting new adventures, their nutritional needs will change too. As part of a varied, balanced diet, Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk contains key nutrients, such as vitamin D and calcium for normal bone development, and iron to support normal cognitive development.
We’d love to know what makes your first meal of the day together the best meal of the day. Tell us in one sentence why breakfast time is so special, and you could win a month's supply of Cow & Gate cereals on us!
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Closing date is 5pm on 03.01.2017.
It's #PhotoFriday! Everyone loves an elfy breakfast! Whether your festive foodie’s pondering over their porridge or feeding themselves fruit, we’d love to see a pic of them in action!
Festive fun means lots of treats for toddlers! Super Yummies are packed with loveliness at every time of year.
Need a handy snack the little ones will love? Super Yummies to the rescue!
Super Yummies fruity rice cakes are made for toddler tums - but are also a hit with dads and mums!
Look out for our delicious range of food in new-look packs! You may see the new style of packaging next to the previous style in-store, but rest assured, it’s the same tasty food inside :)
Super Yummies to the rescue! Delicious snacks with real ingredients - perfect for topping up tiny tummies between meals.
It's #PhotoFriday! Seeing that hilarious hairdo makes getting up at silly o’clock for brekkie even more worthwhile! That's why we'd love to see a pic of your baby’s best early morning bedhead style.
Blueberry smile or winking banana eyes? We’d love to know how you make your little one’s brekkie brilliant! Share your silly or serious cereal creations in the comments below to help inspire other mums…
Our packs are changing. Look out for our delicious range in new-look packs!
We’d just like to say a big thank you to all the mums who would recommend Cow & Gate Growing Up milk!
The same delicious range, in new-look packs – coming to a store near you very soon!

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As part of a varied balanced diet Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk contains Vitamin D for normal bone development.