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Successful online study starts with a great schedule. Here’s what else you should do.

6 strategies for online study success | Study Success
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High performance coach tells what it takes to succeed #beheardberecognised #ausopen
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This rally had us on the edge of our seats! The #ShotoftheDay goes to Rafael Nadal.
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Use people’s names if you want to grow a good network. Hear what else The Naked CEO suggests.

Ask Alex Advice on how to network
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Bring your networking skills and resume along to our Career Expo in Singapore to meet with top employers such as Big Four, TMF Group and more. Plus, attend career workshops and get a professional photo taken for your LinkedIn profile. Find out more:

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In business and in sport, passion is key to success.
#ausopen #beheardberecognised
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Roger Federer’s shots never fail to impress and that’s why he’s been chosen for the first #ShotoftheDay
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Building relationships is one way to get a job offer without the right experience. Read what else The Naked CEO suggests. [ Link ]
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We're introducing new financial planning subjects to the CPA Program which, once completed, means you'll meet the current knowledge requirements as set by ASIC in RG 146. Enrolments for the CPA Program close soon - find out more: [ Link ]
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An impressive 8500 staff, contractors and volunteers helped deliver #ausopen 2016. In sport and business team work is critical for success #beheardberecognised
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It helps to have a clear career plan when looking for your dream job. Here’s why.

6 ways to land your dream job
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If you’ve recently received your CPA designation – congratulations! That’s a great achievement. So make sure you’re recognised by adding it to your LinkedIn profile. Add CPA Australia into the section for education and then add the designation here: [ Link ]
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The fastest tennis serve was clocked at 263.4kmph by Samuel Groth in 2012. A powerful start can win the game in business and in sport #ausopen #beheardberecognised
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Not switching off your personal phone is one work NO NO. Here are a few more things to avoid.

10 mistakes you're making at work (and how to fix them) | Career Advice | The Naked CEO
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Does a messy study environment really affect your productivity? It does. Here’s why.

6 ways to get started for successful study |Study Tips | The Naked CEO
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Sometimes a career change is just what you need. Find out what the signs are.

When should you change jobs? | Career Direction | The Naked CEO
Don’t miss your chance to save on your CPA Program subject enrolment fees. Early bird enrolments for semester 1, 2017 of the CPA Program close Wednesday 18 January. [ Link ]
It’s a lengthy process getting hired by one of the Big Four accounting firms. Want a global career? Read on.

Why dreaming big will help you to get a big job | Accounting Career | The Naked CEO
Resume tip: make sure you grab your prospective employer’s attention by showing off your best attributes. Want more resume tips? Get 1-1 feedback on your resume in The Naked CEO Mentoring Zone at Career Expo in Singapore. It’s on soon - find out more here: