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Cradle of Filth
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Cradle of Filth
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CRADLE OF FILTH Drummer extraordinaire Martin 'Marthus' Skaroupka celebrates his birthday today, the 20th January 2017 e.h.
Please join with the rest of the band in wishing him an absolutely brilliant day in even brilliant-er company.
The new Cradle album is coming along very brutally, with Ashok finishing off his guitars in style yesterday and flying back to the Czech Republic today.
Next up...
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Cradle of Filth
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Cruelty And The Beast signed bundle now available on HMOL:

[ Link ]
The morning after a good night stalking Camp Crystal Lake bears witness to this little beauty entitled 'Honey And Sulphur’, taken from 2008’s 'Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder’ album.

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The video was shot mostly in Chislehurst caves just outside London, a 22 mile long man-made cave system that during the early 1900s became a popular tourist attraction.
In World War I they...
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Happy Friday the 13th, apprentice serial killers!

Halfway through Ashok's guitars for the new Cradle album as of today.

The album is sounding sick, sick like a venomous-headed hydra belching thick black spumes of virulent smoke over a landscape of nails.

That sick!

More updates to follow, but for now enjoy the first of two Friday the 13th’s this year.
New fully-sleeved old school CRADLE OF FILTH designs now available from
And yes! We have the infamous Jesus shirt!
Today, the tenth of January 2017 e.h, marks the start of Cradle Of Filth guitarist Marek 'Ashok' Smerda’s foray into the new album recording session at Grindstone Studios, Suffolk.
Please wish him all the very best as he begins his perilous descent into madness over the course of the next two weeks, playing like a man possessed.

Ashok pictured here in very uncharacteristic...
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Things are coming along very fluently in Grindstone studios for the new as-yet-untitled CRADLE OF FILTH album, with Richard Shaw now laying down his solos, acoustic and overdubs at the end of a somewhat furious week of guitar overkill.

And I can testify to the fact that it’s sounding both maleficent and magnificent indeed!

The beginning of next week sees the arrival of Ashok from the Czech...
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New fully-sleeved old school CRADLE OF FILTH designs now available from
And yes! We have the infamous Jesus shirt!
Happy 2017 e.h everyone!

I’m still recovering after a hefty night at the Black Horse public house drinking emporium in Ipswich, Witch County.

First left, the second Cradle drummer (1992 and 1999), William 'Was' Sarginson.

Then Andy, Gus, Fani Dilth, The Metal Messiah, Mr and Mrs Schafer.

Other WAGs just out of shot (but definitely not shots).

Brest, Dani xxxxx
Wishing every Filthling and Devilmentalist a very very happy New Year on the violent stroke of midnight!

Hoping that 2017 e.h, which will bare irrevocable witness to a new Cradle album, brings everything that you desire…

Bestial wishes, Dani x x x x x
Treasonal bleatings from the family Filth!
Have a great holiday and see you all in 2017...

(Dani with his daughter, Luna).
Totally horrid monsters CRADLE OF FILTH enter the second phase of recording with Richard Shaw entering the studio to lay down his guitar parts for the new album, destined to hit September 2017 e.h.

Dani, who has just returned from the DEVILMENT tour of the UK, had this to say of the recording thus far….

‘The album is sounding very elaborate, even now with just the drum arsenal and four...
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Richard Shaw picks his favourite songs to listen over Christmas with Kerrang!

Rockstars Pick Their Favourite Kerristmas Songs!
Another dizzyingly superb review of the new Devilment album ‘The Mephisto Waltzes’ here…

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Lauren is pictured here with Les ‘Lecter’ Smith, former Cradle Of Filth keyboardist who tour-managed, undertook the sound and drove on the now-completed recent Devilment tour of the UK.
Dani Filth confesses to Metal Hammer, check it out here:

"We got arrested at the Vatican!" the confessions of Dani Filth
Dani Filth recently spoke to Punktastic about Cradle of Filth and Devilment, you can check it out here:

Dani Filth: "Everything Cradle related has a long story attached to it"