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Build this foldable workbench with these easy steps. What are you working on next?
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Joining forces with Stanley Black & Decker to continue our legacy. More great things to come!

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To win best yard of the summer, you have to get started in the spring.

5 Things You Can Do NOW for a Better Yard
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With the tightest turn radius in the industry, the Craftsman Pro Series Riding mower can turn on a dime. Find yours at Sears. [ Link ]
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It will be impossible not to be called for "3 Seconds in the Lane" after you install this basketball themed bathroom floor project.

Project Plans: [ Link ]
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Blast away all evidence of winter with the Craftsman Gas Powered Pressure Washer. [ Link ]
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Iconic and functional. Check out the ways people are using Craftsman storage outside of the garage.

7 Examples of Using Craftsman Storage Outside the Workshop
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Shop Class was an important part of growing up. Learning how to work with your hands not only helped you build a birdhouse, but also confidence. What are your memories of Shop Class?
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Today, we celebrate President George Washington. A man so great that he not only has a federal holiday, but also a one-of-a-kind wooden sculpture carved by the one-of-a-kind Craftsman tools available at Sears.
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When there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, only then can you find inner peace in your garage.

Setting Up The New Tool Box
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Some think that Cupid鈥檚 favorite tools are his bow and arrow. But contrary to popular belief, Cupid鈥檚 favorites are also America鈥檚: Craftsman Tools. Give the gift Cupid would give - Craftsman Tools.
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Winter's not over yet, so don't get caught with a snow blower that can't keep up.

Snow Blower: Repair or Replace?
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There鈥檚 an undeniable sense of freedom that comes with hitting the open road. One veteran-run garage is turning wrenches to bring that feeling back to combat-wounded veterans. Learn why all veterans matter: [ Link ]
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Although there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we鈥檙e still in the depths of winter. Stay warm all through spring with the Craftsman Heated Jacket.

Craftsman Heated Jacket
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Having a solid grip on the field is just as important as having it in the garage. If only wide receivers could have diamond coated tips like the Extreme Grip Screwdrivers...

Craftsman Extreme Grip Hand Tools & Sets
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Looking for a weekend project? Check out these tool organization projects that will help keep your garage clutter free.

7 Tool Organization Projects
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There鈥檚 more to a great game day party than snacks and cold beer (although those are essential). Get your Man Cave game day ready with these projects.

10 Projects to Get Ready for Game Day
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The more floor space you have the better. So there鈥檚 no better place to store your stuff than overhead. [ Link ]
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Get an accurate measure quickly with our latest innovation, The Sidewinder Tape Measure, only available at Ace Hardware. [ Link ]
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The men and women of Warfighter Made have a saying: Adapted to the injury, customized to the soul. Watch how tools play a key role in bringing that to life: [ Link ]