Craig Moritz
03/16/2017 at 04:29. Facebook
How about this? Makes me happy
Going through some pics from the last photoshoot with Jill Hallborg and found these! It made me realize I need some new shirts but obviously I like them too much to part with The hot-tub pic is definitely an album cover contender...if only I had a cigar and a drink in my hand! haha
Happy Women's Day to all you wonderful ladies!
I wish I had these dance moves! This is great! Have a great Saturday everyone.
If you're in Fort McMurray come on out! If bout a road trip? Hope to see ya there. Cheers! CM

Craig Moritz LIVE!

So...anybody had enough of the snow for this winter? Post some snow pics if you have. some beach pics...i could use them right about now! Haha
Cali is lucky that big brother Kramer has patience! Lol
Good morning! If you have a couple mins try and watch this vid. Food for thought. Very interesting. Have a great day! CM
Happy Friday! Here's a feel good vid to get ya through the day. Have a great one! CM
It's Friday! It's the Presidental Inauguration! Whatever the case...let's drink some rum and go be pirates! Have a great weekend everyone!

Craig Moritz - IF I WERE A PIRATE [Official] - YouTube
President celebration is underway! Who's watching?
Its amazing how much time you can waste....I mean how much time you can spend on Pinterest doing in-depth research for really important, life-changing projects! ha! Can't wait to get going on this! Whos with me? #ifiwereapirate #whyisalltherumgone

The Liquor Log Dispenses Your Booze Through An Actual Log
Turning 20 already! Where did the time go? Lol
I could watch this a million times over!
John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis thrusting class! Haha.