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Update of REDKEN/Brandon situation
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Shoulders from BED!
Click the link to watch "FIT from BED"
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Don't mess with my HUSBAND!
Watch my inner MuscleBearcome out!
Redken #RedkenSymposium #LaurenHowley
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You bet your healthy ass we will be watching Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian tonight.
Looking forward to seeing my FitFam Lacey Stone Fitness & jorge cruise helping tv get a much needed lifestyle makeover.
BIG NEWS! Tell & tag all Same-Sex engaged couples you know we have an opportunity for them to WIN a FREE LGBT Wedding. Watch the video for instructions. GOOD LUCK!
Time to get SWEATY & WET in BED! Episode #2 FIT from BED
Cardio Workout is OUT!
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We missed them! Please Share the Golden Globes highlights with us - Brandon Liberati & Cynthia Hernandez
Far from Skid Row, I Dream we'll go, Somewhere that's... Green
Congrats to our close friends Tina & Tarz the season 1 standout couple from our Newlyweds: The First Year series.
Don't you just love the name SNOW ❄

Newlyweds' Tina Sugandh and Tarz Ludwigsen Welcome Their Third Child
...OR you can just stay in bed and get in shape
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WOW SPORTS FANS! Check out my niece Abbey (nickname is "T"). She's only 14 years old but on her way to an incredible career in softball.
Her skills are serious! I wouldn't want to be hit by that ball she's pitching!!!
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Abbey Tolmie 2020 Softball Highlights Fall 2016

Please look at this brief video to see some of my athletic ability and most importantly my personality and passion for the sport.

New shower curtain is up! Way up!
My 2017 gift to you. New YouTube series "FIT from BED". Click this link to view full video. Subscribe to my YouTube page peoples.
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Get FIT TITS while biting the pillow
Check out my improved YouTube page with Episode #1 of my new online series "FIT FROM BED"
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Don't be LAZY in BED when you can get FIT from BED! Episode #1 Get FIT TITS with these 3 chest exercises

Let's KICK some ASS in 2017 ‍♂
Happening right now! Check him out! ❤
2017 weight loss begins with this...
David Vance Photographer
Ramsay lunch at Lighthouse Waterfront Restaurant