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An effective ad on #craigslist helped bring this man and his long-lost guitar back together again.

Doug Clark: The story of how a great guitar found its way home
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Find a used van, trailer, or even an ambulance on #craigslist, and turn it into your dream house-on-wheels.

This guy turned an ambulance into the ultimate adventuremobile
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Turn your hobby into a profession on #craigslist, like this 'Bridesmaid for Hire', who originally offered her bridesmaid and personal assisting services on Craigslist.

A 28-year-old turned her nonstop wedding invitations into a business as a 'Bridesmaid for Hire'
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This Colorado father sourced FREE materials on #craigslist to build his daughter an epic ropes course.

Colorado Dad Builds Ninja Warrior Training Course for His 5-Year-Old Daughter: It’s ‘Teaching Her Confidence’
Go to for one-of-a-kind items to fill your apartment.

A 20-Something Fills Her DC Apartment With Craigslist Finds — House Call
A #Craigslist Missed Connections, love at first sight.

New York Today: They Met on the Subway, and Married
The endless search for a roommate continues...

Roommates Wanted. Trump Supporters Need Not Apply.
The fashion industry is moving to Sunset Park, and this man found a job on #craigslist to take him there.

New York Tries to Revive Garment Industry, Outside the Garment District
Want to spruce up your apartment? Decorating a new home? Check out your local #craigslist for inexpensive, one-of-a-kind furniture furniture and home goods.

Couple rescue rundown Palm Springs digs into sunny, swingin’ retreat
Watch the original auditions for cult film 'Paranormal Activity.' The actors responded to a casting call for the film posted on #craigslist.

Watch The Original Auditions For 'Paranormal Activity'
Classic, old school spots in San Francisco are popping up on #craigslist, like the 100 year old 4-Star Movie Theatre on 23rd ave.

Century-old SF movie theater for sale on Craigslist
Another musical love story with #Craigslist to thank.

Lumineers transcend humble beginnings to reach No. 1
Way to go Craigslist! Read about how #Craigslist and the Craig Newmark Foundation support healthy and inclusive online communities across the World Wide Web.

Wikimedia Foundation receives $500,000 from the Craig Newmark Foundation and craigslist Charitable Fund to support a healthy and inclusive Wikimedia community – Wikimedia Blog
A visit to and you might just find the ad of your dreams.
Like Josh, from the band The Singing Limbs, who was searching for concert tickets when he came across a #craigslist ad for a keyboardist to join the group.

The Singing Limbs will shake up San Francisco with their new EP - The Bay Bridged - San Francisco Bay Area Indie Music
Card game company 'Cards Against Humanity' seeks a new CEO on #craigslist, and it looks like former President Barack Obama is the only candidate they'll settle for...

Barack Obama Being Sought For CEO Position At Cards Against Humanity In Craigslist Ad
BuzzFeed tunes into the lost love #craigslist ads from the Women's March on Washington.

14 Craigslist Missed Connections From Women's Marches Around The Country
Find spots in tribute bands on #craigslist to make your musical dreams come true.

'Journey' of a lifetime: Band honors musical legacy of Journey
This Canadian man found a motorcycle on #craigslist to make his travel dreams come true!

Gainesville man takes solo motorcycle trip to Alaska