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Cravendale Milk
11/28/2016 at 15:40. Facebook
Our fridge is stocked with all the essentials. All we need for the week is right here! #MilkDrinkersMilk (Photo by [ Instagram.com Link ]

Andrew Henderson (@andrewcowvet) • Instagram photos and videos

Cravendale Milk
11/25/2016 at 12:00. Facebook
Our milk is filtered so it’s fresher for longer, which means you get more…#MilkDrinkersMilk
No words needed, only milk. This is the Milk Drinker’s way #WorldHelloDay #MilkDrinkersMilk
Don’t let your empty bottles go to waste. #Upcycle them and create fun elephants for the kids this weekend
With our new 250ml, you can have your Cravendale wherever and whenever you want to #FilteredForFreshness ( photo taken by [ Instagram.com Link ]
Be kind to yourself and choose our purer, fresher filtered milk this #WorldKindnessDay #ChooseGoodness
Nothing like a fruit smoothie post- workout to get you back on track. (Great photo by [ Instagram.com Link ] . #FilteredforFreshness
Some things you just shouldn’t leave the house without. And if you’re a milk drinker, we’ve got you covered from here on out... #MilkDrinkersMilk #FilteredForFreshness
Oh no it’s all gone! Nothing scarier than running out of Cravendale #Halloween
We pity the fool, who hasn’t enjoyed the refreshing taste of Cravendale
A Milk Drinker always _____________
It’s World Apple Day, and we’re all about healthy snack time. Have you tried our new 250ml bottles? #MilkDrinkersMilk #FilteredForFreshness
Our milk brings all the boys to the yard. (Damn right, it’s better than yours...) #MilkDrinkersMilk
Glass half full or half empty? #FilteredForFreshness #MilkDrinkersMilk
It’s Friday, time for shots! #FilteredForFreshness #MilkDrinkersMilk