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Dr. Crawley's Insectorium is a collection representing a lifetime of collecting by Dr. Crawley.
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Do you know what these fossils are? ❓
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How's the weather up there? ☀☔☁
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Visit our Dragon Hall Bookstore for all kinds of gifts , resources , souvenirs , and more!
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The Children’s Ministry Conference at the Creation Museum will equip you to intentionally get kids plugged into God’s Word.

Children’s Ministry Conference Coming to the Creation Museum
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From the beginning, God had planned for His Son to step into history to provide the free gift of salvation.
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Because of Adam and Eve's sin, the ground was cursed.
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Happy National Love Your Pet Day! What kind of pet do you have? :)
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This guy might look real, but he doesn't bite.
In the Dig Site you'll see a fossil excavation and two paleontologists: one who believes in evolution, and one who believes in Creation.
Here are five activities you will enjoy when you join us as we celebrate you and the special women in your life April 29! :)

Celebrate the Women in Your Life
Learn about geology from a biblical worldview at the Creation Museum.
Here are seven reasons to purchase Unlimited 7-Day Combo passes for your family vacation this year. :D

7 Reasons to Buy Unlimited 7-Day Combo Tickets
It all starts with Genesis.
Starting with God's Word, we can learn what really happened to the Utahraptor and how and why we find fossils today!
Skippy is all ready for Answers for Teachers this weekend! He will be one of the zoo animals participating in a break out session about animals. His “staff” brought him inside so he could check out the room where he will be hanging out with the conference participants. :)

When the zoo keepers bring him inside they are reminded of why wallabies shouldn’t be kept as pets…lots of clean up duty!
Are you ready to go zip lining? The Screaming Raptor Zip Lines will be open this weekend, February 17-20! :)
This fallen world is not how it was meant to be, but we have hope in Jesus, the answer ✔ to our sin problem. ❤