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When you visit our Botanical Gardens, take some time to stop and smell the roses...or admire a spider web decorated with dew drops!
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Here are three ways you can add a little thrill to your visit to the Creation Museum this year. :)

3 Ways to Add Some Outdoor Thrill to Your Visit
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Raised a shepherd, David became King of Israel and wrote many of the Psalms in the Bible.
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Our Dino Den is home to lots of Dinosaurs, including these Velociraptors.
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Yesterday Skippy and Bandit got a fun "hanging salad" that was composed of a head of lettuce, apple slices, and the wallabies favorite snack food...cheese crackers! Hanging food for the wallabies helps them use natural behaviors, like browsing for food, that they would use in the wild.

PS - please don't bring cheese crackers for the wallabies...they are a special treat only given out by the...
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Created in God's image, commanded to…
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Despite evidence to the contrary, evolutionists and most museums continue to portray Lucy with virtually human feet.
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It's a horse! It's a zebra! Actually, it's a zorse, and her name is Zoe! :)
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Happy First Day of Spring!
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Just another tall tale...or is it possible that these cowboys encountered a pterosaur?
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Our Museum hosts will greet you with a smile and get you started on your walk through history! :)
Learn about rhinoceros beetles at Dr. Crawley's Insectorium at the Creation Museum!
The pieces of this diorama were hand-sculpted and -painted by our artists!
Now Hiring! We have a variety of positions with flexible hours available at the Creation Museum! :)

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Apply for Creation Museum Jobs
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What is a hot-water reef? You can learn more in the Flood Geology room at the Creation Museum.
Join the Explore Program at the Creation Museum March 23 for a full day of themed science and fun for the whole family!

Explore Workshops: This Month's Theme is Dinosaurs
Our inflatable T-rex recently took to the museum to try his hand at a few of the jobs! Here are three areas where you can serve as a museum host that our inflatable T-rex can’t.

3 Areas Where Our T-rex Can’t Work in the Museum
Water features like a fountain and waterfalls sparkle ✨ in our Botanical Gardens.