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How old was Noah when the Flood began?
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Check out the creatures boarding the Ark! ;)
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Beautiful blues and other hues…our God is an amazing Creator and Designer!
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The dig site at the Creation Museum will make you feel like you are really digging up fossils with archeologists!
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If all animals were created on Day 6, including dinosaurs, and mankind was created on Day 6 too, then humans and dinosaurs lived together!
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Happy National Hat Day! Here are some of our bookstore staff modeling hats to celebrate!
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Dragon legends: fact or fiction?
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An allosaur, sometimes confused with T. rex, was a large theropod dinosaur.
Re-interpreting God's Word in Genesis to fit man's fallible opinion is a slippery slope to unbelief.
The Dinosaur Den has dinosaurs galore, including the skeleton of a triceratops!
Enjoy An Evening to Remember at the Creation Museum on February 10.

Enjoy An Evening to Remember
You'll see this model of Noah's Ark at the Creation Museum. :)
You will meet Old and New Testament figures in our Biblical Authority room.
Our wallabies enjoy snacking on lettuce.
Can you guess where you'll spot these formations in the Creation Museum? ⬇
Got your goat.
Get your own!
In the Biblical Authority exhibit, you'll see Martin Luther and read a quote from his speech at the Door of Worms.