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Update on Great Minds v FedEx Office Litigation Involving BY-NC-SA [ Link ] #OER

Update on Great Minds v FedEx Office Litigation Involving BY-NC-SA -...
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Yesterday, Catherine Stihler, the Rapporteur for the Internal market Committee of the European Parliament (IMCO) published her draft opinion on the proposed Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive. As with the draft opinion of the CULT committee which we have extensively discussed here, her...

Draft Internal Market Committee opinion introduces balance into the copyright debate - International Communia Association
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What's going on with CC Belarus and Ukraine? Find out! Learn from our community [ Link ] #ccisawesome

Belarus and Ukraine Creative Commons Affiliates meeting (26-27.11.2016,...
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A monumental effort by the CC community! Official Arabic and Croatian 4.0 translations are now live [ Link ]

Official Arabic and Croatian Translations of 4.0 Licenses Now Available!...
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An interview with our own @cgreen @opensourceway on working for free, accessible education for all students. [ Link ] #OER

Are textbooks in or out? The state of open educational resources
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"Massive surveillance... is one of the most serious challenges we are facing today" Claudio Ruiz on GISWatch 2016 [ Link ]

GISWatch 2016: addressing economic, social and cultural rights on the...
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Do you love Unsplash ? Good news! Discover new #photography #remix + more! (thx Annie Spratt!) #CC0 [ Link ]

The most beautiful images from Unsplash
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Celebrate #fairuse! Listen to Let them Go: A Copyright Policy Song from Public Knowledge [ Link ] #fairuseweek

Let Them Go: A Copyright Policy Song

To learn more about Fair Use Week, go to

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Ground control to the ESA : You've really made the grade! New #openaccess policy under CC BY-SA [ Link ]

European Space Agency announces new Open Access Policy for Images and...
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What are you loving from #metopenaccess? Show us your favorite images! [ Link ]

CC Search prototype
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via @mkramer: Meet @Matt_Kiser, the wildly popular blogger chronicling Trump one day at a time (Under CC BY-SA 4.0!) [ Link ]

Meet the wildly popular blogger chronicling President Trump one day at a...
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"Art — and science, and intellectual pursuit — is like a relay race, with the baton carried by one creator and passed to the next." via OpenMedia

Copyright and transformative works: how will new laws affect creators of the future? | OpenMedia
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"Like many librarians, Hayden is a big believer in the rights of all people to educate themselves, and in the importance of open access to information online."

The Librarian of Congress and the Greatness of Humility
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The European Space Agency announced it has adopted an Open Access policy for its content such as still images, videos and selected sets of data. Well done.

ESA affirms Open Access policy for images, videos and data
The #awesome folks at #CCGhana made a #storify of their recent salon! [ Link ] #ccisawesome

First Creative Commons Salon in Ghana (with images, tweets) · OFWAFRICA
Theft: A history of Music, new comic from James Boyle lays out 2000 years of music history AND under CC BY-SA! [ Link ]

Theft! A History of Music
Oh baby! Have you seen the latest CC #swag? Now you can get a onesie for the little one you ❤ ! [ Link ]

Baby Onesie
via PCMag #MetOpenAccess is a significant move for artists, art lovers, and entrepreneurs. [ Link ]

The Met Makes Public-Domain Artifacts Free to Use
From our friends Public Domain Review : A selection of gorgeous images from #MetOpenAccess [ Link ]

A Selection from The MET’s Public Domain Collection, Now Free from All...