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Burberry's Christopher Bailey talks to CR about experimentation in fashion and the brand's new London pop-up event, Makers House [ Link ]

Burberry's Christopher Bailey on experimentation in fashion
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New talent: photographer Flora Maclean's work has a graphic sensibility, with bold colours and striking compositions [ Link ]

New Talent: Photographer Flora Maclean
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How 2001: A Space Odyssey was made more believable and more beautiful by NASA illustrator Harry Lange #CRarchive [ Link ]

Harry Lange – the man who drew the future - Creative Review
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Ryan Hopkins directs a trilogy of films dedicated to the mesmerising work of UVA Studio [ Link ]

Ryan Hopkinson’s immersive exploration into the world of United Visual...
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Tickets please! A new online archive of movie ticket stubs from all over the world [ Link ]

Tickets Please! an archive of vintage ticket stubs
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Manchester company Evidential on reconstructing crime scenes in VR and using graphic design to help juries understand evidence [ Link ]

Using graphic design to visualise criminal evidence
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It’s not just the products, but the form of life that they suggest beyond themselves [ Link ]

How Muji brought the Ulm School to the high street
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New Talent: Assa Ariyoshi on creating colourful artwork for Buzzfeed, the Telegraph and Refinery29 [ Link ]

New Talent: illustrator Assa Ariyoshi
Creative Review
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Kate Bones on making 3D GIFs and looping videos for Nike, Converse and the Globe theatre [ Link ]

New Talent: GIF artist Kate Bones on combining analogue and digital tech
Creative Review
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Charming new Butcombe Brewing Co identity by Halo, featuring an illustration of a T-Rex, as it's a 'dinosaur' brand [ Link ]

WORK: Charming new Butcombe Brewing Co identity by Halo
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Fried eggs, Tracey Emin and Gina's World: we speak to Marika Hackman about the artwork for her new album, I'm Not Your Man [ Link ]

WORK: Tristan Pigott's artwork for Marika Hackman
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Stylish title sequence for the BBC’s SS-GB series by Framestore [ Link ]

WORK: Stylish title sequence for the BBC’s SS-GB series by Framestore
Creative Review
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On Eduardo Paolozzi's astonishingly diverse body of work, from Brutalist sculptures to monochromatic screenprints [ Link ]

Eduardo Paolozzi: a man of ceaseless creativity
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There's something unsettling about photographer Ruud van Empel's 'fantasy portraits' at Beetles + Huxley [ Link ]

Ruud van Empel's 'fantasy portraits' at Beetles+Huxley
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WORK: The Gruffalo characters come to life in new AR app for the Forestry Commission England [ Link ]

WORK: Gruffalo Spotter app for the Forestry Commission
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A' Design Award and Competition recognises outstanding contributions to the design industry. Enter your projects now. [ Link ]

A' Design Award The World's Most Coveted Design Accolade is calling for...
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"A ‘disgraceful ageism’ operates in many advertising agencies and the work suffers because of it" [ Link ]

Creatives get better with age - Creative Review
Creative Review
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Once upon a time, most brands would have steered well clear of politics in their advertising. Not anymore. [ Link ]

What happens when you mix politics with advertising?
Creative Review
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Terms and conditions apply: One of the most unusual graphic novels of our times... [ Link ]

Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel
Creative Review
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Play is central to instigating new thinking. Here are some exercises to help you unlock your creativity... [ Link ]

Playing while you work - Creative Review