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New Cancer Research ad comes live from inside a human body [ Link ]

New Cancer Research ad takes viewers live inside a human body
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Now even advertising billboards are coughing when you smoke near them [ Link ]

Coughing billboard aims to remind smokers to quit
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How Mozilla's new logo and identity was designed. CR's coverage of the seven month long open-source rebrand process.

[ Link ]

The Mozilla rebrand - Creative Review
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WORK: The Jump contestants are flying without wings in this amusing trailer for the Channel 4 show [ Link ]

WORK: Channel 4 releases tongue-in-cheek trailer for The Jump
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"Had we listened to every single comment and actioned every suggestion, it would be the proverbial dog’s dinner of a solution ... but I think we've got to something pretty robust" [ Link ]

Mozilla reveals branding following open design process
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This new video for Young Thug is very funny indeed. And quite revealing too [ Link ]

Hilarious (and revealing) new Young Thug video
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Italian football giants Juventus have launched a new logo. Thoughts? [ Link ]

Juventus launch new logo to go 'beyond football'. Will it take them there?
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Seen the new Sainsbury's ads? It's the brand's first campaign from @wklondon [ Link ]

First Sainbury's campaign from Wieden + Kennedy launched
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A new exhibition celebrates designer Josef Frank's beautiful prints and paintings [ Link ]

Josef Frank: Patterns - Furniture - Painting
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How the north of England has influenced fashion and design
[ Link ]

How northern style has influenced the world
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The Montblanc logo makes it into our list of top 20 logos not just because of the cleverness of the device that recalls a snowy mountain peak, but also because of its links to the product itself [ Link ]

The cleverly designed Montblanc logo – Creative Review
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It took 6 years to make La La Land. We speak to some of its makers about the film's journey from idea to screen
[ Link ]

Inside La La Land
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“It’s a superb piece of iconic design and the equity built up over 50 years is irreplaceable” - why the WWF panda logo is one of our top logos of all time [ Link ]

How the World Wildlife Fund logo was designed
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A feed of perfectly aligned architectural photographs, shot from a single perspective [ Link ]

Geometry Club: an Instagram compendium of architectural photos
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From its iPod silhouette campaign onwards, Apple’s advertising has had a strong link to music. We discuss how tunes have played a role in Apple's branding [ Link ]

The role of music in Apple advertising
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The History Channel reveals a new identity. Strong type, close-cropped imagery and dramatic copy accompany the unchanged logo [ Link ]

History channel rebrand
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History's new branding uses bold type, strong imagery and more emotive copywriting [ Link ]

History channel launches new identity designed by DixonBaxi
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Allan Fleming’s 1960 ‘worm’ logo for the Canadian National Railway Company was the overwhelming favourite among our design experts when we polled them for their favourite logos [ Link ]

Why we love the Canada National Logo