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Have photos of adorable puppies been taking over your social media feeds for National Puppy Day? People can't help but love to look at images of their favorite furry creatures.

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Moments like these are too good not to capture. Thanks for sharing this view with us, Everett Bloom Photography.
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Leadership Tip 04: Integrity Matters. Your team members are looking to you for guidance, and they will work as hard or as little as you do.

Peter's full course is streaming free today >> [ Link ]
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Master the technical basics of the camera and form an understanding of the kind of equipment you need to be a better photographer.

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Fundamentals of Photography with John Greengo | CreativeLive
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It's golden hour somewhere. Get out there.

Instagram Photo Credit:
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We want to see YOU in our in-studio audience.

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It's one thing to create an amazing piece of art, but it's another thing to showcase in a way that will get you paid.

How to Mock-up Your Designs to Impress Clients | CreativeLive
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Nobody knows the power of lighting like critically acclaimed photographer, Joe McNally Photography.

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Tip 03: Reduce the risk of non-paying clients by invoicing based on milestones during a project.

10 Actionable Steps for Freelancers to Get Paid on Time
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Feeling stuck in your career, relationship or just in life? Learn how to use design thinking to figure out your next step >> [ Link ]

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Wedding season is upon us.

Learn how to create customized invitations for your or your client's big day in our free broadcast on Thursday.

How-to Design Wedding Invitations & more with Khara Plicanic
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Dreaming of turning your side gig into a full-fledged business? Stop wishing and start doing.

Dina Rodriguez is live in-studio teaching 'The Business of Illustration and Lettering.' And right now she's revealing her secrets for winning high paying clients.

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Did you miss Art Wolfe's class last week? We have good news for you, his class is 30% off today.

How to Create Art Through Photography with Art Wolfe
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Patterns are to photography what rhythm is to music

Instagram Photo Credit: adamknaamani
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Leadership Tip 03: Identify issues the moment they arise.

Learn more in Peter Voogd 's 'Lessons on Leadership' course >> [ Link ]
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Tonight, learn how to take photos of real people with Lindsay Adler Fashion Photography

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How-to Photograph of Challenging Features
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Tip 04: Learn the power of delegation.

It’s not realistic to take on every aspect of your business by yourself.

5 Leadership Qualities That Really Matter - CreativeLive Blog