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When Baird sold off another significant chunk of the NSW electricity network at the end of last year, this time to industry super funds, it drew barely a comment from either NSW Labor or the Electrical Trades Union.

Forget greyhound racing, this was Mike Baird's greatest triumph
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The people most affected by the Centrelink debt debacle generally don't live in electorates that the Coalition is ever likely to win, therefore the Coalition doesn't much care about fixing the problem.

Poll Bludger: why the Coalition doesn't give a toss about its Centrelink debt debacle
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[FREE] A lot of people still have a lot of explaining to do.

Search for MH370 abandoned, but the mystery endures
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$2.2 billion secretly spent on Manus and Nauru in act of incredible bureaucratic bungling.

Manus and Nauru not just a policy of cruelty, but also bureaucratic bungling
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[FREE] Wendy Francis' Twitter profile reads "Campaigner for the innocence of children", and now she's tweeting hard against this allegedly "R-rated" ad.

Christian Lobby state director clutches pearls over 'R-rated', pro-rooting Volley ad
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"Forty years of economic policy, much of it dished up by Dems, have produced grim conditions for most US workers, especially the younger ones," writes Helen Razer.

Devils and rust: it was Democrats, not the Russians, wot destroyed America
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Condemning Islam, insisting that children turn their parents in to be jailed and ostracising an entire community will not help women forced into marriage.

Islamophobia will not help end Muslim forced marriages - Crikey
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It's interesting that there are all these things that Tony Abbott thinks Malcolm Turnbull should be doing ... even though he had no interest in doing them himself.

Tony Abbott's 'do as I say, not as I did' policy advice
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We asked all MPs and Senators if they'd ever been on Centrelink. There were a few common themes in the responses from the current politicians who'd previously received welfare payments -- and might make you think a little differently about what kind of people are being hit by this Centrelink robo-debt scandal.

Do MPs really know what it is like to deal with Centrelink? - Crikey
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Why Pauline Hanson is a bigger threat to the Liberal National Party than either Clive Palmer or Bob Katter ever were:

Poll Bludger: Pauline Hanson's brand strenghtening in Queensland - Crikey
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"When we try to understand the Brexit and Trump votes through the lens of the economic assumption that people vote in line with their narrowly defined self-interest, the votes make no sense," writes adjunct lecturer in public finance at the University of Canberra Ian McAuley.

So then, how should we understand it?

Why did people Trump will hurt the most vote for him?
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Now, almost two years after Myuran Sukumaran’s execution, artist Ben Quilty is opening an exhibition featuring more than 100 of Sukumaran’s works completed in an Indonesian prison.

via Daily Review

Bali Nine member Myuran Sukumaran's gut-wrenching debut exhibition opens
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Is the flurry of news stories about expenses rorts too much, too fast?

MPs expenses claims have dominated news cycle for days, but will it last?
Sally Whyte asked MPs the following questions:

- Have you ever claimed a Centrelink benefit?
- If so, are you comfortable sharing any details about that?
- If so, did you find dealing with Centrelink a simple and straightforward process?
- Do you believe the widely reported difficulties with dealing with Centrelink are acceptable?

Do MPs really know what it is like to deal with Centrelink? - Crikey
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"That you can still effectively diminish a person, any person, by suggesting that they enjoy unorthodox sex acts is plain. That you must not, ever, even if it is a guy you loathe, should be equally evident to journalists," writes Helen Razer.

Razer: piss-poor journos should STFU about Trump’s sexual peccadilloes
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And wait until you see his true blue, dinky di, homemade opinion polls.

One Nation candidate Peter Rogers claims Port Arthur massacre faked
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Why is it that the simplest solutions seem to elude our elected representatives?

Australian political entitlements could be fixed overnight, but MPs will never act