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Free Bird by Glen Le Lievre
Everyone else is sipping coffee with the bleary-eyed best of us at 6.45am. Meanwhile on Ten, Jamie Oliver is showing us how to make a casserole in 15 minutes.

Does Channel Ten needs its own version of Sunrise to survive the ratings war?
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White Wash by Glen Le Lievre
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Emirates president Tim Clark calmly shows up the "Fake" President of the United States

Emirates highlights stupidity of US laptop ban, politely of course
Don’t be surprised if the government’s childcare package provides a boost for the Turnbull government, writes Bernard Keane...

Childcare could be the circuitbreaker Turnbull needs
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In death, Bill Leak, the man in full, has disappeared. He is now being remembered as nothing other than a victim.

Guy Rundle: on the right’s 18C putsch and their exploitation of Bill Leak’s memory
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The call for Hazelwood to stay open is not backed by anybody with any knowledge of issues at the plant.

Abbott's Hazelwood power plant intervention defies reality
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The rituals are in place despite the fact that we are constantly told that terrorism should not be “normalised”, writes Bernard Keane.

We mustn't normalise terror, so we've ritualised it instead
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What’s the worst thing a company can do according to Australian law?

Are payments to union officials worse than a death on a worksite?
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"Australia is overrun with old blokes who have no plans to address the escalating pain of real survival."

Razer: pampered ideologues mislead us on 18C and mental health
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"At last, it appears that the national broadcaster will finally get a chairman with not just media experience, but with decades of digital media experience..."

A brief history of the ABC's new chairman Justin Milne - Crikey
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"Cementing One Nation as a permanent political player will have long-term consequences for the Liberals as well as their partners in Canberra."

Liberals in crisis: Nats with poor memories fail to secure the flanks
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Where better to have some of the biggest party in-fighting than on your own dedicated 24-hour news channel?

Liberals in crisis: airing dirty laundry made easy with Sky News
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"Successive Australian governments have established a firm commitment to a multicultural society, but we’re much better at it than the last one."

LEAKED: first draft of Malcolm Turnbull's revised Multiculturalism Statement