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Crime Stoppers NSW
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Check this little video out. It's important to be aware.
Crime Stoppers NSW
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NSW Police is committed to assisting the community to be safe in all situations. Always seek help if you are feeling unsafe or unsure of your surroundings and seek assistance if you have been a victim of crime.

When out Walking:
• Stick to major routes and roads and don’t take short cuts
• Use footpaths that are well lit and not closed in by bushes or obstacles
• Stay in...
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Crime Stoppers NSW
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This post has been brought to you by Cammy who are proud sponsors and supporters of Crime Stoppers NSW.
Crime Stoppers NSW
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It has been 15 years today since 31 year old Janine Vaughan was last seen entering a red vehicle in Keppel Street, Bathurst on 7th December 2001.

A $100,000 reward for information surrounding the disappearance Janine Vaughan remains in place.

Police are interested in any information that will lead to the discovery of Ms Vaughan’s whereabouts or the disclosure of the...
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Crime Stoppers NSW
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Today marks 13 years since 28 year old Jonathan Mitchell was stabbed to death in his home in Sydney on 6th December 2003 after attending the annual Homebake music festival.

The victim was found with a fatal stab wound to his neck by his housemate and friends in the kitchen of his Toongabbie home at around 12:15am in what police have described as a shocking crime.

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Crime Stoppers NSW
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Leading up to Christmas, incidents of Mail Theft typically start increasing. Especially as our ONLINE purchases increase and cards come through the mail with money inside. Here are some tips to help reduce this type of crime.

1. Make sure you lock your letterbox!
2. Clear your letterbox out daily.
3. Arrange to pick up important items such as credit cards directly from the bank
4. If you are...
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What are you plans this weekend?

If you are having a night out, Crime Stoppers NSW reminds everyone to take it easy with the alcohol.

If you have been drinking - do NOT get behind the wheel and drive.

If you choose to drink and drive you are not only risking your life but the lives of other innocent people sharing the road with you.

Drink driving accidents are 100% preventable.

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Nuisance Calls.

Scam phone calls and nuisance calls are on the rise and it is important that you know what to do when you receive one of these calls.

• Never give callers personal information. This includes your bank account details, no matter where they say they are calling from.
• If a caller tries to upset you, hang up and report it to your phone company.
• If you feel the call may be a...
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Crime Stoppers NSW has the largest Crime Stoppers Facebook page in the world! With over 134,000 followers we recently won an international award for our social media work.

BUT... with NSW having a population of over 7.5 million people, we know we are just at the tip of the iceberg.

HELP US reach our goal of 150,000 followers by New Years Eve, please invite your friends...
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Crime Stoppers NSW


From 1 December 2016, P2 licence holders (green p plates) will no longer be permitted to use ANY function of a mobile phone while driving or riding. P2 licence holders will have the same restrictions as learner and P1 licence holders. This includes phones in the hands-free mode, with the loudspeaker operating, playing music and using GPS.

Find out more: [ Bit.ly Link ]

The NSW Government has increased the reward for information relating to the 2008 murder of a man and woman at Lake Macquarie to $250,000, as the matter resumes at Coronial Inquest.

The bodies of Robert Pashkuss, 50, and Stacey McMaugh, 41, were located inside a home at Macquarie Grove, Caves Beach, about midday on Sunday 6 January 2008, by Ms McMaugh’s teenage son.

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They’re friendly and clever. They want to trick you out of your money or property. If they attempt to bully you, call the police. Beware of:

• Something for nothing
• “you have won a contest”
• Cash only “opportunities”
• Home improvement offers
• Get rich quick schemes
• “service calls” you didn’t request

If you have crime information to report to police in regards to Con...
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Very important message!!

Same goes for leaving your pets in cars on hot days. If you wouldn't be comfortable in a car with the window down an inch on a 30 degree day, neither would your pets. #petsafetymessage
Awesome advice from Albury LAC - NSW Police Force! Check it out.
How your call to Crime Stoppers really makes a difference...

When you call Crime Stoppers and pass on your information you help create a safer community for NSW by:
1. Removing criminals from circulation
2. Helping police and the community work together
3. Participating in a community that is active in protecting itself
4. Raising community awareness
5. Achieving personal satisfaction...
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Every week it seems criminals are coming up with some new scam or fraud activity trying to do you out of money, your identity or your property.

Sign up to the Stay Smart Online Alert Service. It is free for Australian internet users and explains recent online threats and how they can be managed.

Stay one step ahead, sign up here: [ Communications.gov.au Link ]