Hi, was parked in at runaway bay shopping centre today as that is where I work, walked out to my car at the end of my shift and it has been keyed. Was wondering if anyone else has reported this. (reported Friday evening)
I believe it's a crime we don't line up with the rest of the East Coast of Australia. I'd be happiest with daylight savings but, still be happy if VIC and NSW lost it (not that they'd be happy lol). Please sign the petition to help bring back daylight savings!

Frustrated let fly over time trial

Hiya I'm hoping you can help me out & post this to your wall ? Our sign was run over today on fairway drive clear island waters while we were in the Australian italo club working a 9 hour day, we are a small family business who do not yet receive an income!! This sign costs $450.00 not cheap!!! We will be unable to replace it with a new one. We are wondering if anyone saw someone run it over??...
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Calling all local fishermen (and fisherwomen!) - get your carp on!
Hi guys can u please post this,I no it's a long shot as it was stole from north Brisbane but a comment got from face book reckons they mite have been behind this car heading to the Gold Coast from brissy earlier today,
Thanks very much
Reported last night so I presume the "Today" is Sunday.
Hi, last night my daughter and her boyfriend saw a car hit a kangaroo on Helensvale drive.

The car just kept going and didn't bother to stop. So they pulled over to check if it was alive, unfortunately it had died. My daughters boyfriend moved it off the road and noticed a Joey had been flung out of its mums pouch and was further up the road. It had a few scratches but was still alive so...
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Now to just get the ridiculous court systems to actually do something about these little shits. I'm starting to warm up to the idea of cutting off hands again ....
Just saw this, don't have time to really see what's up but please be aware if in the area.
One thing I will be glad to leave behind in 2016 is click bait articles! I absolutely loath pages that make you think you're in for a good read and then you're fuming because you've just generated them ad revenue and wasted your time and bandwidth.

Let 2017 be the end of click bait! I highly encourage everybody to use the enclosed images on articles they believe are click bait, to save...
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What a terrible start to the first weekend of the year :(

Motorcyclist taken to Gold Coast hospital with life-threatening injuries


Could you please put a picture of my grandad up as his medals were stolen when my mums house was robbed a couple of weeks back? I know that her other items may have been sold off by now but the medals might still be out there. I also heard that the police found a group of robbers that had passports in the local area. Her passport was stolen too.
My car got stolen from varsity lakes complex last night PLEASE SHARE
rego 544WGC
Saturday lunch time
found a car key at the beach near fifth ave Burleigh
Will be taken to local police station
Hi everyone this boat was stolen in Helensvale monday around lunchtime. If anyone sees it please let us know. Only left the house for an hour other property was also tampered with.