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We're organising a major cyber crime conference to take place at the Eden Project in April, to help local business shore up their online security.

Listen out for Sarah, our #Devon & #Cornwall Manager, tonight on BBC Radio Cornwall between 5 and 6 p.m., discussing the conference.

Find out more:
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Do you have information? Tell us anonymously - call 0800 555 111 or fill in our quick & easy online form:

Reward of up to £5,000 for information on violent Oldham robbery
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Crimestoppers in #Wiltshire launches new awareness campaign - #SpeakUpAnonymously...
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Do you have any information about the robberies that happened in Leeds recently?

Keep Our Community Safe
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Sparks & major explosions can all happen if you tamper with your gas & electricity supply. Stay safe from energy theft this new year...

Home - stayenergysafe
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ARREST: Suspected 'paedophile' Stephen Carruthers, who went on the run and became one of Britain’s most wanted fugitives, has been arrested in France after crashing his car.

Carruthers featured on Crimestoppers' Operation Captura, which seeks information on fugitives abroad. He is the 79th arrest out of 96 individuals wanted as part of the fugitive campaign. [ Link...
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Car crash snares most wanted fugitive
ARREST: Fugitive Ahmed Omer, who was convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced in his absence to ten years in prison, was arrested in early January after a year on the run. Omer featured in Crimestoppers' campaign Operation Return which appeals for information on fugitives believed to be living in the Netherlands. [ Link ]

National Crime Agency - On-the-run drug trafficker captured in Nottingham
Do you know where Scott Woods is?

He's wanted for absconding after being sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for conspiracy to sell cocaine.

We're offering a reward of up to £2,000 for information.

Tell us what you know - free & anonymously; fill in our quick & easy online form at, or call 0800 555 111.

Reward of up to £2,000 for information on the whereabouts of Scott Woods
Charity premises in Newport targeted for the second time in a year - and this time it's arson.

Do you have information on who's responsible? Tell us free and anonymously - online at, or call 0800 555 111.

Reward of up to £5,000 for information on charity arson attack in Newport
Frightened and forced into working in restaurants, fields and the sex trade.

Modern Slavery is a crime and it's happening NOW near you.

Tell us what you know via our Online Form, or call 0800 555111 and remain completely anonymous - guaranteed.

Most harmful crimes affecting Staffordshire
"Child criminals should be given life-long anonymity to reduce reoffending rates."

A review published just before the New Year recommended that children who commit crimes should have their identities protected for their entire life. Currently under 18s are automatically granted anonymity. This expires when they become adults.

What do you think? Should the identity of child criminals be...
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Child Criminals Should Get Lifelong Anonymity, Review Recommends
In #Reading on Friday? Come for Chai & Chat with our Head of Ops and our South East Regional Manager - you can stay for lunch, too...
Kingston Police get straight to the point with a burglary suspect...
Don't destroy anyone's new year. Burning wires, sudden fires & serious injuries can all happen if you tamper with your electricity or gas supply. Anonymously report information about energy theft to us...

Home - stayenergysafe
Your information is vital in the fight against drugs and crime in your area.

If you spot anything worrying, tell us anonymously.

Tell us what you know, via our Online Form or call 0800 555 111.

Most harmful crimes affecting Staffordshire
Everyone deserves to live the life they want and to be in control of their own lives.

Modern Slavery exists near to you. If you suspect it, speak up.

If you spot anything worrying, tell us via our website or call 0800 555111 and remain 100% anonymous.

Most harmful crimes affecting Staffordshire
Metal theft puts lives at risk, and can cause power cuts, expensive damage, disruption to local communities and loss of earnings to local businesses.

We're in partnership with Northern Powergrid to tackle metal theft; they offer a reward of up to £1,000 for information on metal thieves that leads to an arrest and conviction in the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.

Keep your...
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Back to work today? Please share this post for the Crimestoppers call center staff who have been working over the holidays to take your info about crime. We'll be here all year and beyond, 24/7 on 0800 555 111 or at [ Link ]

We are Crimestoppers
Happy 2017 from Crimestoppers! Our anonymous phoneline (0800 555111) & online form ( are here 24/7, even today.
#HappyNewYear from Crimestoppers! Remember, you can give information anonymously 24/7, even today: 0800 555111,