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We could never forget this JJ moment.

These Epic TV Comebacks Will Give You New Life
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Have you been watching Criminal Minds since day one?

Dramatic Series Premieres That Grabbed Us And Didn't Let Go
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Get inspired by these fierce female leads.

JJ Is One Of The Strongest Women On Television
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Why can't Reid remember anything?
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See how well you know these boss chicks.

Who Said It: Abby Sciuto or Penelope Garcia?
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Why did Reid take his mother out of her care facility in Texas?

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Last Night's Criminal Minds
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2 Tee's for $40 w/ code 2TEES40
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Is it over for Reid or is it just beginning?

Criminal Minds | Watch The Latest Full Episode Now
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What happens when Reid wakes up in Mexico and can't remember anything?
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Watch an exclusive preview of tonight's all-new Criminal Minds.

The BAU's Plan To Save A Member Of Their Own Team Goes South
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Do you remember what medicine he is allergic to? Or why he decided to live with his mother?

Everything We Know About Dr. Spencer Reid's Past
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This doesn't look good for Reid. Here's a sneak peek at tonight's Criminal Minds.
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Dr. Reid takes a walk on the dark side.
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If Valentine’s Day had a red carpet, A.J. Cook would steal the show. Via: CBS Watch! Magazine

We Can't Help Falling For These CBS Stars
Get inspired by these fierce female leads.

The Strongest Women On Television
Extra spooky fact: There are a surprising number of real torso killings.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Last Night's Criminal Minds
These stylish photos are guaranteed to chase away the chills. ❄

23 Ways CBS Stars Look Cool While Keeping Warm
"It's difficult caring for family. But it takes tremendous strength to ask for help."

Criminal Minds | Watch Last Night's Full Episode
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