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Welcome to the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Go Inside The BAU Offices Of Criminal Minds
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Test your mettle in this Hunted on CBS quiz.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Real-Life Fugitive?
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This was by far one of the coolest moves in BAU history.
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New year, new Criminal Minds gear!

Get Your Criminal Minds Vintage T-Shirt Now
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Adam Rodriguez and his wife looked stunning at the People's Choice Awards.

Jaw-Dropping Backstage Photos From The People's Choice Awards 2017
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Criminal Minds
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Adam Rodriguez delivers a few soon-to-be profile pictures with fans at the People's Choice Awards.

Stunning Red Carpet Photos From The People's Choice Awards
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Have you ever cancelled plans in order to watch Criminal Minds?

13 Signs You’re A Criminal Minds Addict
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Being complex isn't always a bad thing.

10 Signs You're The Dr. Reid Of Your Friends
Only a true super fan knows the answers to these crazy-hard questions.

Can You Pass The Hardest Criminal Minds Trivia Quiz?
Find out how she is related to the "bone crusher" serial killer.

Tatum O'Neal To Guest Star On Criminal Minds This Season
"A gang is where a coward goes to hide."

Criminal Minds | Watch The Latest Full Episode Now
This group may look innocent but you better watch your back... Don't miss an all-new Criminal Minds tonight at 9/8c on CBS & CBS All Access: [ Link ]
What is motivating this gang? Here's a sneak peek at tonight's Criminal Minds.
Which Criminal Minds lady is your Woman Crush Wednesday?

22 Silliest Moments From The Criminal Minds Set
Here's your first look at Wednesday's all-new Criminal Minds.

The BAU Investigates A Series Of Home Invasions