Crown Royal
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Celebrate Mardi Gras generously. Fix your friends a coffee cocktail made with the goodness of Crown Royal Vanilla.

Café Royal:
1.25 oz Crown Royal Vanilla
0.25 oz Orange Liqueur
4 oz hot coffee

Created by NOLA bartender, Ricky Gomez.
Crown Royal
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Celebrate generously with cocktail royalty.

Carnival Queen:
1.25 oz Crown Royal Regal Apple
0.25 oz dark berry liqueur
0.25 oz lemon juice
Top with sparkling wine

Created by NOLA bartender, Ricky Gomez.
Crown Royal
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A generous barkeep is one who takes time to more than just craft the perfect cocktail for every guest.

Know a bartender who does more than just pour you a drink? Nominate them for a chance to be in our next commercial:
Crown Royal
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Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.

How are you giving back on #NationalRandomActsOfKindnessDay?
One for you, one for your other half.
Tune in to Adventures In Whiskey tonight at 8pm on YouTube for a live Crown Royal tasting with National Brand Ambassador, Stephen Wilson.

Join us here: [ Link ]
Every new friendship starts with a common interest. This one just happened to be Crown Royal.
Get ready for the big game.

Crown Royal’s official game plan for a good time.
No need to pick a side on game day. Luckily for you and your friends, this Crown Royal Whisky Beer Cocktail is the best of both worlds.
They can’t wait for you to get home either.
A generous spirit never ages.
Make Crown Royal a part of your game day game plan.
That’s one way to break the ice.
The cold-weather cocktail for warm-hearted friends. #NationalHotToddyDay

Vanilla Hot Toddy:
1.5 oz. Crown Royal Vanilla
1 tsp fine grain sugar
2 small cloves
1.5 oz. boiling water
Today, our flag flies a little higher. Raise a glass to 150 years of Canadian independence.

Crown Royal Iced Hot Chocolate:
1.5 oz Crown Royal Deluxe Whisky
1 oz whole milk
1 teaspoon hot chocolate mix
Top with whipped cream and other sweet treats
Our resolution: make 2017 the year of generosity. Live generously, and life will treat you royally.
You get one shot to ring in the #NewYear—the rest are for your friends. #LiveGenerously

Mini Crownberry Apple:
1 oz Crown Royal Regal Apple
.5 oz cranberry juice
It’s the season of giving. Let’s finish off 2016 right by spreading some generosity.

We are proud to have partnered with Goodworld to empower social giving. For every person who registers through the end of the year, Crown Royal is donating $1 to Packages From HomeRegister today by signing up at [ Link ] #LiveGenerously
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