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Who’s been on the Celebrity Solstice...?
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Have you ever gone rock climbing in the ocean? We recon it's worth a try! Snap up a deal with this awesome Royal Caribbean sale and experience it for yourself [ Link ]
Go discover <3
Royal Caribbean is taking cocktails to another level!
You voted for the romantic cruise and made Pearl one happy Koala this Valentine's Day <3 #valentinesday
Help Merl plan the perfect Valentine's Day for Pearl! LIKE for a romantic cruise or HEART for a eucalyptus infused breakfast in bed. We'll share a snap of Merl and Pearl's winning date on Tuesday!
The 2016 Cruise Industry Awards finalists have just been announced! Did your favourite make the list? [ Link ]

Top cruise industry finalists revealed
This is what every Friday should look like! <3
Time to explore the wonders of the Pacific! [ Link ]
Finish this sentence: I need a cruise escape because...?
Waking up on a Monday always gives me cruise holiday withdrawals... is anyone else with me?
While most ships in the Sea of Japan hover atop the sea, the Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht stands dozens of feet higher, perched on a rocky cliff.

Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht
Abseiling on the Pacific Aria! What's your favourite cruise ship activity?

I think mine is building a close relationship with the buffet ❤
Who's met a life-size towel friend on their cruise?
Some highlights from our visit to Jamaica and Grand Cayman in the Caribbean. How about that water? And those cocktails? ☀#carnivalcruises #carnivalsplendor
One of our favourite blog series of 2016 was definitely learning about Rob Mitchell. The cruise extraordinaire!

How many cruises have you been on?

60 cruises, 127 countries, 12 novels. Meet one of a kind: Rob Mitchell
The Carnival Splendor sitting pretty off the coast of Grand Cayman in the Caribbean☀
We completely agree with this New Year's resolution!