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Follow your nose everyone. 'Magnetoreception' — not a post-wedding party in the X-Men universe, but the ability to sense magnetic fields — seems to be present in many animals, potentially even humans.

— via Science
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Problem: some of the most vulnerable in our community aren't getting adequate daily nutrition.
Solution: nutritional profiling

Healthier meals for the community’s most vulnerable

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We've all been there: a social gaffe that leaves you looking like an arse and in need of a hard look in the mirror. It turns out our ability to recognise faces may have been inherited from a more primitive, bottom-up approach.

Getting to the Bottom of Face Processing. Species-Specific Inversion Effects for Faces and Behinds in Humans and Chimpanzees (Pan Troglodytes)

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We're going to need a bigger blog.

Getting in to work bright and early last week, staff at one of our Hobart labs were greeted with this speckled wonder of a specimen.

Here's what we did with it — [ Csiro.au Link ]
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Have you met Natalie Maras? She's an artist in residence at our Discovery Centre in Canberra and here's some of her potent pen work. Why not print them out and try your own hand at colouring?

- via Art the Science

WORKS – The Compendium of Living Enquiry by Natalie Maras

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The Ecological Society of Australia's annual photo competition draws the public into the captivating world of Australian ecology.

A treat for the eyes: The best photos of Australia's flora and fauna

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Last weekend we asked you to 'show us what you've got' on the summer invention scene, and here's what you came up with.

A Brave New Summer: Our Facebook fans cook up some Aussie inventions - CSIRO blog

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Mark | PhD student, Agriculture and Food, Saint Lucia

“So I’ve just started my PhD and I’m that eager, over-keen person. I chose to come back and do my PhD here at CSIRO because it’s a very friendly and welcoming environment. I worked here on my Honours project — three years ago. In between then and now I left science for a detour as a teacher. I taught agriculture at a high school up in far...
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Giant rays dive unexpectedly deep - up to 1000 metres - to satisfy their food pyramids.

Giant rays shown to be predators of the deep

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Salt. It's the tastiest seasoning ever*. It's now also a hero in the renewable energy world!

Find out how it works in our steamy blog: [ Csiro.au Link ]

*according to our one participant study conducted just now
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This is a heavy one, folks.
The only reality is the one in your mind. And even that's whack.

"I can talk to you about my headache and believe that I am communicating effectively with you, because you’ve had your own headaches. The same thing is true as apples and the moon and the sun and the universe. Just like you have your own headache, you have your own moon."

— via The Atlantic

The Case Against Reality

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Hands up if your ambulance trip was made much nicer because of this little guy!

We've worked with Medical Development International to get everyone's favourite green whistle into Europe #CSIRObiz

Delivering the next generation Penthrox "green whistle"

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Arachnophobes don't freak out... but there is a giant spiderweb in space.

A Spiderweb is Forming 10 Billion Light Years Away

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Did you change a nappy today?
Be thankful that we partnered with Victorian family owned company Textor to develop a moisture-trapping fabric that is significantly more absorbent and comfortable. It's used in millions of nappies worldwide!

[ Csiro.au Link ]
12/01/2016 at 04:50. Facebook
Summer already? Time sure... flies.
We've had a wet winter and expect a hot summer... the perfect storm for insect swarms. #straya

[ Csiro.au Link ]
11/30/2016 at 23:07. Facebook
We know that bats are a natural host for more than 100 viruses, many of which are lethal to humans and other animal species… so why don’t they get sick, too? It's in the bat, man! [ Csiro.au Link ]
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Life on the outside of a social circle can really get you down, doubly so when you're ill and also a monkey.

- via Science

Climbing the social ladder can strengthen your immune system, monkey study suggests

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Bernie | Site Manager, Clayton Victoria

“My last job was with Atmospheric Research in Aspendale. I developed the software and hardware for various scientific instruments, some of which would go on the outside of planes. I got to go flying a lot, doing aircraft experiments, in Japan, Borneo, New Zealand, even here. I used to fly in a Fokker Friendship F27, later in a King Air B200. They used...
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