CURE Childhood Cancer
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Cadence staked her claim on Doritos and a chicken salad sandwich generously donated by Chicken Salad Chick and Chicken Salad Chick for patients and caregivers at Memorial Hospital.
CURE Childhood Cancer
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After ten years, the Sam Robb Memorial Holiday Classic has become more than just a basketball tournament, it is an event that pulls together a community for a weekend of fun and good work.

Click below for more on the 10th Annual Memorial Classic.

Reflections on the 10th Sam Robb Tournament
CURE Childhood Cancer
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#RiseUp and give thanks to Mellow Mushroom and Grub Burger Bar for generously sponsoring our Open Arms dinners each month and for our dedicated volunteers who serve the meals at Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center Scottish Rite and Egleston campuses.
CURE Childhood Cancer
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To learn more about how to help CURE fight childhood cancer and fund research, visit
CURE Childhood Cancer
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CURE Childhood Cancer
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CURE Valentine’s Day cards are on sale now, perfect for children to hand out to their friends and classmates. 100% of the purchase price goes to CURE thanks to a generous donation by Standard Press >> [ Link ]
CURE Childhood Cancer
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Sylvia and Pat Tylka graciously sponsor and serve lunch throughout the year. Thank you for all that you do for these families and for CURE!
CURE Childhood Cancer
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Nearly 16,000 children in the United States are diagnosed with cancer every year.

To learn more about the fight against childhood cancer, visit
CURE Childhood Cancer
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What would you do for your child? Read about what one man did - "Because of Holden."
[ Link ]
CURE Childhood Cancer
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The Atlanta Falcons #RiseUp more than just on the field. They are huge in the eyes of a very special boy fighting cancer. Read the story here.

The Falcons Rise Up for a Fan Fighting Cancer
CURE Childhood Cancer
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CURE’s latest annual report is now available online! Click through to read the full report of our year’s progress, including inspirational stories of some of the families CURE has supported. [ Link ]
CURE Childhood Cancer
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For three years, the Geek Out Loud Podcast Network has supported CURE through our marathon!

The GOLiverse wants to see kids be able to have a childhood. They are partnering with CURE for another marathon and need your help to raise over $5,000 for CURE.

Come listen to the shows during the day at or check out the shows throughout the week on iTunes. Donate to help find a cure for childhood...
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CURE Childhood Cancer
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In the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, today let’s imagine a better world together.
Thursday nights at Aflac Cancer & Blood Disorders Center of Scottish Rite and Egleston bring great food from our generous sponsors, Blue Moon Pizza Sandy Springs and the Bo Story Fund, along with smiles from our dedicated volunteers who serve with Open Arms.
For information how to help CURE fight childhood cancer, visit
Valuestream Media Group invites you to join in welcoming 2017 with an evening of food, fun and philanthropy on January 30th from 6-9pm!

There will be multiple restaurant and beverage vendors, a gift card wall, and all artwork on display will be for sale.

Tickets: $20 advance purchase online ($25 at the door)

All ticket, gift card sales, and a portion of art sale proceeds benefit CURE...
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December was a busy month for CURE. You showered our families with holiday love and made our spirits soar with your incredible generosity. Thank you!

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The Gifts You Gave
Ellie wants to thank Publix at Wilmington Island for their faithful support of CURE and especially for her cookie!
For information how to help CURE fight childhood cancer, visit
A very special thank you to Sultana Dalia for sponsoring last week’s Open Arms meal. Sultana takes extra care in making sure the nurses are fed too!