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Best Christmas Gift ever!
Purchase a Walkways for Wildlife paver to help save our precious wildlife. Each year Currumbin Wildlife Hospital admits over 9000 wildlife patients. By purchasing a paver this Christmas you will help save a life, plus your paver will be engraved with your name or logo and be laid on the pathway leading to the hospital for all to see. To purchase a Christmas gift...
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Currumbin Wildlife photographer @koalakrusader gets up close with Rocher’s tiny joey who ventured outside of the pouch for the whole day
Congratulations to our champion volunteers!

Jayda Bruce has volunteered at the Sanctuary for the past year and has been nominated for QLD Youth Volunteer of the Year and Anne Pridham has been nominated for QLD Volunteer of the Year for her commitment as a Park and Horticulture and Wildlife volunteer. Pictured here with our Volunteer manager, Donna Little, we would like to say THANKS to both...
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2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games mascot Borobi is now chillin' at the Sanctuary permanently. Helping to raise funds for our Wildlife Hospital through the Community Mascot program, Gold Coasters can now purchase official Borobi merchandise at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
Are you my mother?

Our team at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital care for, rehabilitate and return to the wild over 9000 animals every year. It’s a job that our wildlife carers are passionate about and it’s a service we offer free of charge to the community, so it’s wonderful to be able to share stories such as this with you all. Phillip is a baby Brown Falcon. Found at the bottom of his tree...
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For more information watch the video and visit our website [ Cws.org.au Link ]
Our presentation team taking on the mannequin challenge, but it appears our owls didn’t read the mannequin memo! #mannequinchallenge

Song: Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles”
Feeding the wild lorikeets is always fun, but who knew it could be this cute as well. Instagrammer @the_adventurous_mum recently visited the sanctuary with her little one in tow & discovered the joys of interacting with and feeding our lorikeets, which we do twice everyday at 8am & 4pm.
These two adorable 9 month old joeys are learning the art of playing... and wrestling! Unfortunately this means we're not getting much work done, because we can't stop watching them! #toocute
This week’s patient is Owen the Kookaburra.

Owen is a baby male kookaburra and is only just days old. It is unknown how baby Owen was lost from his nest but luckily he was found just in time on the boardwalk at David Fleays Wildlife Park.

Our ambulance was called and sent out to pick up Owen and return him to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital for a check-up.

When Owen arrived to the Hospital,...
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DAY 7 of National Frog Week – Dwarf Sedge frog (Litoria fallax)
Dwarf Sedge frogs are commonly heard but not seen. Calling mainly through spring to autumn, these tiny frogs are widespread throughout most of the east coast of Australia. Measuring a mere 26mm, males chirp from trees and reeds throughout the day and night. Most people would have heard these frogs without knowing. These cute...
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Day 6 of National Frog Week - Great Barred frog (Mixophyes fasciolatus). Great Barred frogs can be heard calling throughout rainforests of Central NSW and Central and Sth-East Queensland. Their “waaaarp” call is distinct and produced by male frogs from the leaf litter of forest floors. They are a larger species with males reaching about 65mm and females to just over 100mm. There are 7 species...
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When you bite off more than you can chew!! IG@koalakrusader
DAY 5 of National Frog Week. Red-eye Tree frog (Litoria chloris).
The beautiful Red-eyed Tree frogs are mainly found in wet rain forests scattered from central NSW through to Mackay in Far Nth Qld. They are vocal frogs particularly calling prior to rain and during thunder storms. This short video is a great example of a male frog, first calling to attract and impress a mate, but then followed...
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Day 4 of National Frog Week. Eastern Stony-creek frog (Litoria wilcoxii). These frogs are another common but interesting species. Like most frogs, females are significantly larger than males. The males can be easily distinguished from females, especially through the breeding season when they put on their best, turning from a dull brown colour to a super bright yellow.
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DAY 3 of National Frog Week - Green Tree frog (Litoria caerulea)
Green Tree Frogs are the most widespread species of frog found in all states except Victoria and Tasmania. They are often found in suburban gardens, drain pipes and toilets but naturally live in trees. After rain they breed in temporary ponds. Females are larger than their male counterparts, growing up to 12 cm, however it the...
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Day 2 of National Frog Week and we are featuring the Dainty Tree frog (Litoria gracilenta).
Also known as the Graceful Tree Frog, these small pretty frogs are found along the east coast of Australia from Far North Qld to Central NSW. A small green frog with yellow underside and a distinct purple marking on their thigh. When frog vocalise, they do not expel any air from their mouths but rather...
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Happy Frog Week.
National Frog Week is celebrated each year from the first Sunday of November to celebrate frogs and encourage frog awareness. This year Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary will be featuring a different frog species each day of the week.
Frogs are truly amazing and beautiful, but also important animals. They play a vital role in our eco - system as predators (including mosquitoes,...
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