When Koalas aren't sleeping they are eating, then they head back off to sleep to digest all those eucalyptus leaves. #currumbinsanctuary
Cuteness overload, hopefully this tiny face can get you through your Friday! #currumbinsanctuary #koala #cute
Look at those eyes! This is a pair of Mertens’ Water Monitors, they can grow up to 1metre long and weigh up to 380grams. #currumbinsanctuary
It's Wednesday which means it's also hump day. Happy hump day everyone! #currumbinsanctuary
Another reptile you will see around the sanctuary is the Eastern water dragon. You may see them communicating by head-bobbing and saluting to each other. Males of the species are a lot larger and will have a red colour on their chest.
This cutie is a Boyd's forest dragon, these reptiles live in tropical rainforests of north-east Queensland. #currumbinsanctuary #reptile
Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. Each day at the Sanctuary we celebrate Australia’s indigenous culture by educating visitors through dance and song about the local Yugambeh people.
This week’s patient is Kaposi the Australian Laughing Kookaburra. Kaposi is one very lucky bird as he was rescued from a skimmer box in a swimming pool where he near drowned. Birds have quite complex respiratory systems that include air sacs throughout the body. Kaposi has a respiratory infection that is being treated with antibiotics. Kaposi certainly had quite a scare but...
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It's time to let go of the weekend, doesn't look like this little one is ready to just yet. A koala joey will stay with their mum until they are around 1 year of age. #currumbinsanctuary
The Tammar wallaby is one of the smallest members of the Macropod family. They are such beautiful animals #currumbinsanctuary
Check out this master of camouflage the Common Death Adder, unlike most snakes Death Adders produce litters of around 10-20 live young. #currumbinsanctuary
Today Mark 'Moose' Fair had his first hair cut in 25 years - all for a good cause! Mark hopes to raise $2500 for The Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave. If you wish to donate, go to and search for Mark Fair.
Looks like Toby has his eyes set on some fresh eucalyptus, Koalas can eat up to 1 kilogram of leaves in 24hrs. #currumbinsanctuary
Our world famous Rainbow lorikeet arena had a lot of hungry visitors to feed this morning, remember you can come along and feed these beautiful birds daily at 8-9am and again at 4-5pm. Don't forget to tag us in your memories #currumbinsanctuary
This week’s patients are very special; these 15 young Carpet Pythons have recently hatched at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. A member of the public brought the snake eggs to the wildlife hospital when he found them abandoned under his home.

The mother snake usually coils her body around the eggs until they hatch but mother snake was nowhere to be found. The eggs were cared...
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First time mum Caramello waiting patiently for the weekend.
When Mark ‘Moose’ Fair announced to the team at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary that he was going to quietly shave his locks for a good cause, our gun shearer Steve Kelly was having nothing of it… ‘quietly’ wasn’t the way to go. Instead Steve convinced Mark to join him on stage at the Australiana Sheep Shearing Show this Friday (17th March) where Steve would race against Mark’s local hairdresser...
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Welcome to Monday, hope you all have a wonderful week.
Welcome to Sunday, the perfect day to lounge around with the Kangaroos and take a couple of selfies.
If you happen to slither in this Sunday see if you can find this stunner. This is a Broad-headed Snake, listed as endangered in NSW. They only grow up to 60cm in length.