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Smooth talker,
Cat walker,
You got to see her legs.

A screamer,
She Cries,
But not in pain.

Nobody knows,
Where she's going.

Nobody knows,
What's she's doing.
Cooking up some new music. And a new video. Stay tuned!
Im Lonely,
So Lonely,
I need to hear,
your voice.

I know you,
Cant hear me,
But why is your heart,
So cold.

Curse and Kisses
New music video coming soon for "Warrior". Stay tuned.

"You want more,
More than a little,
You want more,
More than a lot.

Trusted you,
You have me riddles,
Satanic verses,
Verses of doom"
The name Curse and Kisses is no mistake. Rudy the lead singer/songwriter and band founder put a great deal of thought into the name Curse and Kisses. Curse and Kisses has special meaning and is relevant to so many people's lives.

Judas Iscariot was the first biggest offender with a kiss. By this simple act that is supposed to be one of love he easily condemned Jesus Christ and since that...
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New Look. New Rock

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New Look. New Rock

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New Look. New Rock

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Orgasmic Rock Originator (CnK)
Im Lonely,
So Lonely,
I need to hear your voice,
My Heart is,
On fire,
Please come and quench my thirst.
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