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Intensifiers and Mitigators make an adjective STRONGER or WEAKER. But we can´t always use them. Read this lesson [ Link ]

Then tell us if the following are correct (C) or incorrect (I):
1. a VERY cute girl
2. a SLIGHTLY fantastic party
3. an EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful woman
4. a VERY enormous elephant
5. a BIT brilliant wedding
6. a RATHER boring film

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Doing a job interview in ENGLISH!!
Let´s see who can answer these questions...

1. Describe yourself. What are you like?
2. What did you do in your last job?
3. Do you prefer working alone or in teams?

[ Link ]

Learn some of the most common questions asked in Job Interviews and read a sample interview.
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Read this important lesson on Quantifiers:
Many, much, none, a lot, any, some, a little, a few!
[ Link ]

Now fill in these sentences:
1. There isn´t _______ sugar in the bowl.
2. Do we have ______ apples?
3. Can you buy me ________ bananas?
4. She has so ______ money! She´s very wealthy!
5. ________ of these kids like fish. They prefer meat or chicken.
QUESTIONS in English!
When we want to ask a question we need to put the words in the correct order. Normally we start with the Question Word. Here is a list of them:

WHAT- qué
WHICH- cuál
WHERE- dónde
WHO- quién
WHY- por qué
WHEN- cuándo
HOW- cómo
HOW MANY- cuántos
HOW MUCH- cuánto

Now put these questions in order:
1. is/best/your/who/friend/?
2. learning/you/why/are/English/?
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Unit Test: Questions
He was 1st in the race! This is my first time going on an airplane.
1st and first are ORDINAL NUMBERS.
Here is our lesson:
[ Link ]

Write the ordinal numbers like the example:

1st: first

Hello! Can you put these words in order to make sentences??
Tell us your score!
[ Link ]

Exercise on Adverbs and Word Order
Can you guess which food I´m describing?
1. A green vegetable that has a “heart”
2. The only food that never expires
3. A yellow vegetable that you eat with your hands
4. A yellow fruit full of potassium

Can you send us another description?
The 3 most used Prepositions IN, AT & ON!
Read this lesson [ Link ]

Prepositions: IN, AT and ON
Speaking about the PAST!
When we describe what was happening when another action interrupted we use PAST CONTINUOUS and PAST SIMPLE:

I was cleaning when she called.
We were walking to the party when we saw the accident.

Do this TEST to practice this. Put the verb in the Past Simple or Past Continuous:
[ Link ]

Ejercicio de inglés: Unit Test: Past Tense
Happy Monday!
Look at this list of Professions and tell us:
[ Link ]

1. What job would you like to have, if you could choose any job?
2. Which profession is your least favorite on this list?

English Vocabulary: Professions
Old - older - the oldest
Young- younger - the youngest

Who's the youngest member of your family? Are you the oldest? Or in between?

Do our test on COMPARATIVES and SUPERLATIVES! [ Link ]

English test on Comparatives and Superlatives
Look at the FOOD vocabulary and colorful pictures on this link:

[ Link ]

1. What food do you need to make an OMELETTE?
2. What is JAM made of?
3. If you want to ROAST a chicken where do you cook it?
4. What fruit is used to make WINE?
5. What snack can you eat at the CINEMA?
6. What sea animal has 8 LEGS?

English Vocabulary: Food
Listen to this song by Avril Lavigne and read the lyrics on the screen. It´s a great song to practice the PRESENT CONTINUOUS.

[ Link ]

Complete these lines from the song:

1.I´m tugging at my____
2. I´m pulling at my _______
3. I´m trying to keep my ______

4. I´m ______ at my feet
5. My cheeks are _________ red
6. I´m __________ for the words inside my ______

7. I´m...
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Music in ENGLISH: Avril Lavigne / Things I'll Never Say
Today we´re going to continue working on Present Simple (play/plays) vs Present Continuous (am/is/are playing). Fill in these sentences with the verb in the correct form:

1. I (do) ____________ an exercise right now.
2. He (play) ____________ football on a team.
3. She (live) ___________ near me.
4. I like the jacket you (wear) ____________ today.
5. They (listen) ________________ to their...
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Unit Test: Present Tense
When do we use PRESENT SIMPLE and when do we use PRESENT CONTINUOUS?

I EAT fruit every day.
Right now I AM EATING an apple.

I sometimes WRITE in English.
I AM WRITING in English now.

I WATCH t.v. every evening.
I´M NOT WATCHING t.v. right now.

[ Link ]

[ Link ]

TGIF! Do you know what that means?

Today we are going to do the UNIT TEST on articles
(THE, A, AN or no article)
[ Link ]

Please do this quick test and send us your score!

Have a great weekend!!

Unit Test: Articles
Learn the SECOND CONDITIONAL with this song:
"IfI had a million dollars" by Barenaked Ladies

[ Link ]

What are some of the things the singers says he would do?

MUSIC in English: Barenaked Ladies / If I Had A Million Dollars

Here is our lesson with vocabulary and expressions related to money and banking.

Fill in with an appropriate word:
1. You can pay ________ or by credit card.
2. Can you give me _________ for a $10 bill?
3. Is there an extra _________ for this transaction?
4. We want to buy a new car but we don´t have enough money. We are going to ask about ________ at our bank.

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Is it DO or MAKE?
1. ____ a mistake
2. ____ someone a favor
3. ____ a lot of work
4. ____ a cake
5. ____ a costume
6. ____ homework
7. ____ you feel sick
8. ____ something stupid

[ Link ]

When do we use DO & MAKE?