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Curso de Ingles
yesterday at 16:16. Facebook
More on the FUTURE! Today we are going to do this little exercise:

[ Curso-ingles.com Link ]

Remember this:
1. WILL+verb- for decisions at the moment, promises, voluntary actions and predictions (I promise I will clean my room later.)

2. to BE GOING to+verb- for PLANS and intentions, predictions (when it´s very obvious something is going to happen) (He´s going to study medicine. Look! She´s...
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Exercise on the FUTURE SIMPLE

Curso de Ingles
01/13/2017 at 19:59. Facebook
FUTURE! What is the difference between WILL and to BE GOING TO verb?
Look at these dialogues and answer the questions:

1.Sue: What are your plans for this weekend?
Amy: We´re going to go skiing.
John: I don´t know. I think we´ll probably go out to eat.
(Whose response is a plan… Amy´s or John´s? And whose response is a decision at the moment?)

2. Jack: Can you help me with my project?
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Curso de Ingles
01/12/2017 at 18:06. Facebook
Look at this list of OBJECTS with pictures [ Curso-ingles.com Link ]

Then please tell us the name of the OBJECT:
1. Where do we put our pens and pencils?
2. What motor vehicle has two wheels?
3. What do we use to stick two pieces of paper together?
4. What kind of boat can cars go on?
5. What do we use to hold papers together?
6. If we make a mistake with a pencil we use a ______


Curso de Ingles
01/11/2017 at 19:19. Facebook
Learn the lyrics of this classic Bruce Springsteen song.
[ Curso-ingles.com Link ]

There are some abbreviations or slang in these lyrics:
We´re “GONNA”= We are GOING TO

What does this abbreviation/slang stand for?
I "AIN´T" going=

Canción en inglés: Bruce Springsteen / Born To Run

Curso de Ingles
01/10/2017 at 17:43. Facebook
Hi! Take a look at the first page of these "expressions" [ Curso-ingles.com Link ] and tell us how you say:

1. El tren va puntual
2. Estaba a punto de llamarte
3. Estoy en camino
4. Tienes razón
5. Por cierto, hemos tenido un examen

www.curso-ingles.com EVERYDAY EXPRESSIONS in English

Today we´re going to do an exercise to check your knowledge of comparatives and superlatives! Click here:
[ Curso-ingles.com Link ]

There are only 10 questions and you have to choose the correct answer out of 4 options.

Remember these points:
1. The comparative of GOOD is BETTER and the superlative is THE BEST
2. The comparative of BAD is WORSE and the superlative is THE WORST
3. When we...
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Unit Test: Comparative and Superlative

HAPPY 3 Kings DAY!!
Do you celebrate this in your country? Tell us about it!
Let´s start the new year with the PAST SIMPLE! This is the verb form we use for actions in the PAST.
Remember that regular verbs end in -ED:

play- playED
start- startED
wait- waitED
call- callED

And then there are many verbs that have an irregular past form:
see- saw
do- did
go- went
have- had

Take a look at this important lesson [ Curso-ingles.com Link ]

Now tell us...
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Past Simple

We hope the year 2017 brings you lots of love, health and happiness!
We´re almost at the New Year!
Sing along to HOLIDAY by Madonna and learn the lyrics here!
[ Curso-ingles.com Link ]

LEARN ENGLISH with MUSIC: Madonna / Holiday

Hello! Did you have a nice Christmas?
Did you get any presents? Tell us about it.

Since many of us are in and out of shops these days, here is our lesson on SHOPPING!
[ Curso-ingles.com Link ]

How do you say.....?
1. talla:
2. ocasión/ganga:
3. buscar:


It´s a BUSY time of the year!
What things do you NEED to DO in the next couple days?
I need to buy presents.
I have to buy (type of food).
I need to bake cookies/ a cake.
I have to decorate my house.
I need to.....
Some verbs are NOT used in the CONTINUOUS (-ing) forms.
For example:
WANT- I want to buy a new jacket. (NOT I am wanting)
NEED - We need milk. Can you buy some?
LIKE- I like reading. (Notice that the verbs like/love/hate are usually followed by verb+ING or nouns)
LOVE- I love my parents.
HATE- I hate waiting in long lines.
PREFER- Which do you prefer, wine or beer?
REMEMBER - I remember that...
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When we talk about what we are doing at the moment we use the PRESENT CONTINUOUS.
I am verb+ing
he/she is verb+ing
we/you/they are verb+ing

[ Curso-ingles.com Link ]

What is the present continuous form of:
1. I (cook) lasagna.
2. You (study) for an exam.
3. He (no go) to school today.
4. We (have fun).
5. They (no listen) to the teacher.

What are YOU doing right now??
What are YOU NOT...
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Learn the lyrics of this song by Enrique Iglesias! And look for examples of the CONDITIONAL!
[ Curso-ingles.com Link ]

MUSIC IN ENGLISH! Enrique Iglesias / Hero

Imagine you are in an English speaking country and you are sick!
Could you explain what´s wrong with you to a doctor or nurse?

Look at this link:
[ Curso-ingles.com Link ]

How do you say....?
1. Me duele la espalda
2. Estoy mareado
3. Soy alérgico a Ibuprofeno
4. ¿Necesito una receta?
5. Me he caído de la bicicleta.
6. No puedo respirar.


What´s your favorite fruit on this list?
And your favorite vegetable?

Which fruit or vegetable do you never eat?

[ Curso-ingles.com Link ]

Vocabulario en inglés: Fruits & Vegetables (Frutas y verduras)

Christmas is quickly approaching- so lots of us are going SHOPPING!
[ Curso-ingles.com Link ]

Look at this lesson on shopping and tell us how you say:
1) Me lo quedo.
2) Estoy buscando cinturones de piel.
3) ¿Tiene una talla más grande?
4) ¿Puede envolverlo en papel de regalo, por favor?
5) ¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta de crédito?

SHOPPING vocabulary, expressions and questions!! www.curso-ingles.com

Look at these sentences and tell us the translation of the words in CAPITAL LETTERS (or translate the sentences for extra practise;)

1. ALTHOUGH he enjoys reading, he doesn´t read very often.
2. She is very wealthy. HOWEVER, she doesn´t spend much money.
3. DESPITE the rain they still had the party.
4. I will come to the meeting UNLESS I have to work.

[ Curso-ingles.com Link ]

Linking Words: Contrasting Information