To all of our new students joining us today: welcome to Curtin! This is the view our first group of students had as they entered our Bentley campus for the first time back in 1967. #curtin50years
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“My plan was to study the Fine Art course and then do a Dip-Ed to become an art teacher. But I realised that wasn't really for me and switched into Early Childhood Education. I've always wanted to teach, especially the younger years because its such a crucial time of children's lives where you can make the most impact on their learning. Reading about childhood development shows me how many...
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The Cisco Internet of Everything Innovation Centre is a newly established industry and research collaboration centre on our Bentley Campus. The Centre aims to bring together start-ups, industry experts, developers and researchers in an open environment to create ground-breaking and innovative solutions that foster growth, provide jobs and help build sustainable economies. Find out more: [...
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“I hope to have my own theatre company one day, with a focus on creating theatre works to voice the minority voices of society. I'm currently in my final semester of the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts, and chose to go down this path because my passion is in performing. I guess I'm kind of surprised at how much I've actually enjoyed studying, as well as the number of opportunities I've...
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Ever wondered who created the striking titles sequence for the television series, True Detective? Look no further than multimedia design graduate Raoul Marks.

True Creative
“Honestly, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study after school, but I am very interested in health and natural medicine.

"I’ve been through a few health issues myself and that brought the importance of health and nutrition to my lifestyle. I want to learn more about nutrition, so I can help others in the future. After I graduate I want to go into dietetics or do a course in natural...
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“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in life. I was studying nursing but I didn’t enjoy that so I went onto the Curtin website to find something else. I saw food science and technology and I thought it sounded interesting. I applied for it and now I’m in my second year.

"Next year I get to make food products, so I can make all of these little quirky foods. I think I want to go into...
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If you want something done well, do it yourself. That's the attitude architecture student David Tomić took when he was unable to find a style of watch that he liked and decided to launch his company: WHY Watches.

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"I’m trying to apply to do my PhD study after this one, both my parents work in universities so they want me to study as much as I can. I still want to do the arts but because of my background from China, I want to focus more on cross-cultural communication through the arts. How humans express themselves through art.”

Meet other #humansofcurtin here: [ Link ]
"I’m a Chinese student doing an exchange with Curtin and this is my first semester here. I’m studying laboratory medicine. I chose to come to study in Australia, because there a lot of opportunities to find work here, and studying in Australia makes that transition easier.

"The biggest difference I’m finding is that in China, the tutorials are very theoretical, but here the tutorials are...
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Curtin University is proud to be a foundation partner of the AFL Women’s League Fremantle Dockers team, and we are excited to host Fremantle Dockers’ Round 4 NAB AFLW game, at Fremantle Oval.

Curtin has a strong commitment to gender equity, and we believe the formation of the AFLW is a step in the right direction for women in elite sport.

This partnership is a positive one in many ways....
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Fremantle Dockers v Adelaide Crows, proudly supported by Curtin

Dreaming of a career change? Here are five jobs you might not have even thought about.

The careers everyone wishes they could have
Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie has made a name and a home for herself in the Australian games industry, as an acclaimed game designer, diversity expert and advocate, educator and innovator.

Unusual suspect changing the game
The Curtin University Library is one of the most well known buildings on our Bentley Campus. Now it is a modern library with open, transparent and collaborative working spaces. #curtin50years
"I'm in my third year of studying agribusiness. I grew up on a farm in York, so having that country background certainly makes studying it enjoyable. One of the reasons behind my decision to study agribusiness is that of global hunger. It is going to be an ever increasing problem into the future and being able to work in the agricultural industry means I have a role to hopefully help feed a...
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"I have only recently graduated from studying a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in public relations. I guess I kind of fell into it after starting out with a marketing/PR degree, as I just found I began to enjoy the PR side of things a lot more. For a long time I've wanted to be a publicist, I just love talking to people and networking. Whether that be for high profile celebrities, corporate or...
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Two of our researchers have witnessed climate change effects as part of Homeward Bound’s inaugural women-in-science leadership expedition − the biggest-ever female expedition to Antarctica! Read more: [ Link ]
“My life before uni saw me living down south in a country town called Bridgetown. It was pretty quiet and uneventful, but simple and nice, and working for my parents' restaurant down there was awesome. Coming to uni has definitely given me the opportunity to experience a few exciting things, like in my first year there was this random showcasing of camels on campus with no explanation which...
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