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Today is Save the Koala Day, so we're thinking about all our lovely koala friends around the world.
Kenny the koala will do anything to get his hands on Cushelle. Have you spotted our new TV ad yet?
Look how cosy these cushiony soft koala slippers are! Would you like to warm your feet in them?
Koala thinks an irresistibly soft throw like this would be perfect for snuggling. How do you like to keep warm?
Koala is on an Easter Egg hunt! Can you help him find his 6 Easter eggs?
Koala is all snuggled up in cushiony softness, ready for his afternoon nap. What do you think he’ll dream of today?
Cushelle Koala loves to be tickled too!
Koala babies are known as 'joeys'. You can even adopt your own... but what would you call yours?
Koala is having a lovely, snuggly time with his friends. What are your cuddly friends up to today?
Koala is relaxing in cushiony softness this weekend. How are you spending your weekend?
We're now officially in autumn - can you feel a nip in the air? Koala can, so he's all rugged up in an irresistibly cushiony soft scarf.
Did you know...September is 'Save the Koala Month'? How are you going to help this year? Use the hashtag #STKM2015 to share your ideas.
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Save The Koala Month 2015

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It looks like Koala’s friend is all kitted out for the English summertime! What have you been wearing this summer?
Koala is celebrating International Youth Day by giving support to young Koala’s everywhere. How are you celebrating today?
This Koala is well and truly pre-beared for Literacy Day. What are you and your family planning on reading this year?
Koala is celebrating the International Day of Friendship by going on a friend hunt! He’s got his map, he’s got his bear-ings and he’s ready to go! Will you be friends with Koala?
Wimbledon2015 is here so Koala is playing a spot of tennis. Which sporting events are you looking forward to?