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Juan Lagares made sure to get a photo taken with Yoenis Cespedes latest ride.

Do it for the gram
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Aspiring pranksters, meet your new role model: Kenta Maeda of the Los Angeles Dodgers

Kenta has the pranks for 2017
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Discover the secret Minor League career of a young Dwight Eisenhower. #PresidentsDay

"I was the Wilson who could hit"
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Vote for your favorite presidential first pitch. #PresidentsDay

Rock the vote!
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Mookie Betts walked off a bowling game with a strike and a Larry Bird no-look celebration.

A true two-sport star
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Jered Weaver is going to wear No. 27 with the San Diego Padres because he wants to hit like Mike Trout.

Make me like Mike!
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David Ortiz is living his best life in retirement, spending his 'Spring Training' at the beach.

Big Papi is loving retirement
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Watch scouting footage from when Joey Votto was a scrawny high schooler.

For your viewing enjoyment, we present high school Votto
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Mookie Betts walked off a bowling game with a strike and a Larry Bird no-look celebration.

Baseball may have it's first two sport professional athlete since Drew Henson
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Photo of the day: Baltimore Orioles fans perch atop bikes for a chance at a special #SpringTraining moment.

Doing childhood right
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Elon University earned the first no-hitter of 2017, and you can watch the final out.

That didn’t take long
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Bob Melvin supplied a young Oakland Athletics fan with a personalized baseball card.

Watch out for the 2032 draft
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Salvy is the latest MLB player to receive a post-apocalyptic bat: [ Link ]
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Last year’s Snapchat Day during #SpringTraining showed us another side of MLB players.

What will 2017 bring?
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A tribute to the ultimate MLB leader in fun, Nick Swisher, who has retired.

May we all be like Nick
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Ken Griffey Jr. once traded in a CAR because he wasn’t hitting: [ Link ]
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Huston Street, chess master? MLB players dish on their favorite reads of the offseason.

Leather-bound books aplenty
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Feel fortunate that the best MLB pranks of all-time didn’t happen to you: [ Link ]
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The Boston Red Sox' Fenway Park in 1961.