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Adrian Beltre admitted that playing with Elvis Andrus is like having a 'kid on the field'.

At Rangers Fan Fest, Beltre and Andrus tell all
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No stranger to speed, Dee Gordon took a spin around Miami Marlins Park in an actual race car.

Gordon flying around the bases, even in the offseason
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You be the GM.

Create the greatest rotation from the 1990s for us.
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Watch newest Atlanta Braves catcher Kurt Suzuki homer on a 102-mph Aroldis Chapman fastball.

To put that in perspective, the ball was thrown harder than Suzuki managed to hit it
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Listen to the newest Chicago Cubs anthem, 'We, Joe Maddon,' from 'Prairie Home Companion'.

'Go Cubs Go' has some competition now
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Get your box of tissues ready. These reactions from Bagwell, Pudge and Raines are truly emotional.

Here's what it looks like when you learn you're headed to the Hall of Fame
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Detroit Tigers catcher James McCann tried out to be Michigan's quarterback next season.

A two sport athlete? It's been done before
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Happy #NationalCheeseLoversDay! Celebrate by scanning the best cheesy ballpark menu items.

I got the cheese, the cheese, the cheese
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Holy '90s. #OOTD
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Adam Jones is diversifying his portfolio because there’s #NoOffseason.

If only he signed up as an enforcer
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Time for your baseball Rorschach test. Which MLB mascot are you?

Fridays are the best days to take a quiz
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Never forget Jeff Bagwell’s upper-deck homer (emphasis on upper) as a rookie in 1991: [ Link ] #HOF2017
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A new #Cut4 podcast is out! Download the pod on iTunes or listen below.

HOF inductees, Cubs and more!
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Watch rookie Jeff Bagwell crush an upper-deck homer at Three Rivers Stadium.

And that’s why we now have PNC Park
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Jeff Bagwell always gave Tim Raines (and everyone else) the silent treatment at first base. #HOF2017

Have fun with that speech, then
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Jeff Bagwell wasn't into small talk at first base: [ Link ] #HOF2017
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When MJ first met Jeter in the Arizona Fall League: [ Link ] #TBT
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Strange but true: Jeff Bagwell was once Darren Rovell’s bar mitzvah guest.

How much do those autographs go for?