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By Kris.

Comics aren't the ONLY thing we do, you know. We also make animations! Look at all of our junk here: [ Link ]
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By Dave. Tag a friend who is bad at hitting on people. It's okay -- practice makes perfect and that ass of yours is perfect so... damnit. Neither are we. ⠀

Want more comics? got ya covered.
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Just a few more days until the Orange Monster takes over. We need alcohol now more than ever. Make sure to enter DOOM at checkout!

Cyanide & Happiness Bottle Opener
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By Dave.

HEY! You! What are you doing off of [ Link ] Don't you know that you have comics to read?! GET!
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Today's comic is a true story. Brace yourself and click this link to read the rest: [ Link ]
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Come see us at PAX South next weekend, booth 10404.
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In just a few days President-Elect Trump will be sworn in as the Prez of the US :( To help us all cope with this, we're taking 20% off all glassware and bar accessories until 1/23. Enter code DOOM at checkout and drink up!

Cyanide & Happiness Triple Pack Pint Glass Bundle Deal
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By Rob. There are so many comics over at [ Link ]... you won't even believe your dang eyes!
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AWWW! Puppies?! What the heck are these cute little critters up to? Find out by reading the rest of today's comic here: [ Link ]
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Did you watch last week's mini? If not HERE IT IS, YA BUM. We'll be putting a new one on our website and Youtube next week. Until then, watch all of the minis we have to offer right here: [ Link ]
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By Kris. Give yourself a little treat today and head over to [ Link ]. You deserve it for being so cute!
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Does your dog know any cool tricks? Post a picture of your dog below (tricks or no tricks) and we will rate it. After you do that, read the rest of this comic here: [ Link ]
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Statistically, the third Monday of January is the most depressing day of every year! Celebrate today with a classic!

Cyanide & Happiness Depressing Comic Book
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By Dave. "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some [ Link ]. ” - Maya Angelou
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MmmMMM! Something smells GOOD!
What's for dinner? I'm sure you could find out right here: [ Link ]

You coming to PAX? Rob DenBleyker will be! Come hang out with him and play some Joking Hazard!
Need more info? Here ya go: [ Link ]
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PAX South booth 10404. Nuff said.
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By Rob.

Comics? Oh, we don't make those anymore. We make quilts. Go look at our lovely quilts here: [ Link ]
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By Kris. You look like the type that could use a comic or two. We've got a few extra over at [ Link ]. Help yourself!

Have you bought your tickets to PAX South yet? You better! [ Link ] Come hang out with us and watch us play Joking Hazard! (Unless you're chicken... bock bock booock...)
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Turn your head, cough, and click this link to read the rest of today's comic: [ Link ]