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"Just being together and supporting each other wherever we could - because that is what friendship is all about."

Darryl White on what it's like when your best friend has cystic fibrosis and why she signed up to be an organ donor.

What happens when your best friend has Cystic Fibrosis
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Congratulations to cheerleader Emily Bonny who has been selected to represent England at the International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championships in April. Good luck Emily!

Teenage girl battling cystic fibrosis becomes a cheerleader
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We'll be willing him on every step of the way when Josh takes on his incredible 24-hour challenge in July to help us beat cystic fibrosis for good.

'It's not about vanity - I train in the gym every day to stay alive'
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You've heard from a dad with cystic fibrosis, now its a mum's turn! We asked Emma, and husband Brad, to spill the beans on being a mum when you have CF.

Ask a mum | Starting a family if you have cystic fibrosis | Life with CF guides - YouTube
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Remember our Christmas Star Elle? She probably made you cry in our Christmas video:

One of her wishes was granted yesterday as she received the call for new lungs & Elle's family assure us everything is going well. We are thinking of you Elle, your family and the donor's family.

Brave Elle gets double lung transplant
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We asked Michael and his wife the big questions around making the decision to have a child, infertility, and what it's like to be a dad when you have cystic fibrosis.

Ask a dad | Starting a family if you have cystic fibrosis | Life with CF...
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Don't just take our word for it, we asked CF Consultant Dr Frank Edenborough a whole bunch of questions on starting a family when you have cystic fibrosis, a whole playlist full in fact!

Ask a doctor | Starting a family if you have cystic fibrosis | Life with...
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If you're thinking about starting a family, or aren't sure if it is even possible to have children when you have cystic fibrosis, our latest Life with CF video covers some of the questions you might be asking yourself.

Starting a family if you have cystic fibrosis | Life with CF guides

Join the fight for a Life Unlimited by cystic fibrosis. Visit

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Our Legacy and In-memory Manager Michael Clark wants to a say a big thank you to everyone who has helped the Trust raise ยฃ1.2million through legacies in this financial year.

53 gifts in wills, ranging from ยฃ100 - ยฃ300,000, have helped us reach this milestone and if you would like to know more about remembering the Trust in your will, then visit
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In our Second Valentine's Day blog Nicola shares what life is like when the man you love has cystic fibrosis.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust - A life with a husband with CF
Cystic Fibrosis Trust
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In the first of our Valentine's Day blogs, Gearoid reveals what happens when you fall in love with someone with cystic fibrosis.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust - A Life with a CF Wife
Who else has spent their spare time since last Thursday reading 'A Song for Tomorrow'?

If like us you've spent the weekend devouring it, or you're keen to know more about the book, why not join us on Tuesday 7 March for a Facebook Live reading and Q&A session with author Alice Peterson
We all know life doesn't come with an instruction manual, especially when you add cystic fibrosis into the mix, but what do you do when CF challenges your personal maxim?

My mantra used to โ€‹be โ€‹โ€™my lungs will not limit meโ€‹โ€™ โ€“ now Iโ€™m on oxygen 24/7
Need something to listen to on the train home? How about our podcast with Alice Peterson & Luke Martineau about the new novel based on the life of his sister, singer Alice Martineau.

CF Soundtable: The fictionalised biography of Alice Martineau
Our 'Breathe-Life Unlimted' video has made it to Charity Film Awards finals and now you can help make us the people's choice:
Alice Peterson's novel A Song For Tomorrow is out now. Listen to our podcast to hear Alice & Alice Martineauโ€™s brother Luke discuss the book and Aliceโ€™s real life fight with cystic fibrosis.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust - It's a wonderful life
Back for the first time in 2017, it's the now monthly CF News.

This month we're looking at the outcomes of the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership, looking at what you the cystic fibrosis community have identified as research needs
If you're planning some fun in the sun this year, make sure cystic fibrosis doesn't ruin your travel plans by checking out our resources first.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust - Travel
Can you tackle the rolling hills of South Yorkshire? Join us in September and find out!
Cold weather making you think about getting away to a warmer climate? We've updated our fact sheet about travelling to tropical places and meloidosis infection.

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