D-Block & S-te-Fan
02/16/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
How cool! We Had Diederik's father in the studio today, helping us on a new song! #hardstyle #fatherson #newmusic
D-Block & S-te-Fan
02/14/2017 at 18:29. Facebook
"Our heart will beat as 1!" Happy #valentine ❤❤
D-Block & S-te-Fan
02/13/2017 at 17:32. Facebook
"Still doing this you know.." #Hardstyle
"It's a Revolution!" D-Block & S-te-Fan rmx of Revolution by Diplo;

now available for free! [ Soundcloud.com Link ]
We Create Memories
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Can't wait for the storm that's coming.. we've got SO SO much new music for you! #Hardstyle
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Stuiterbal, Haghorst, Holland

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If this was a collab, we wouldn't be able to promote it on twitter #scantraxx #hardstyle
OFFICIAL VIDEO: [ Youtu.be Link ]

BUY/STREAM: [ Maxximize.lnk.to Link ]
Bought a new house!
MAKE SOME NOISE! new DBSTF collab with DANNIC is coming this monday on Maxximize Records!
Beautiful, like diamonds in the sky #Hardstyle #Tijdmachine
Merry Christmas fam!
NOISE with DANNIC coming soon!
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Winterdorp, Delft, Holland

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ACE OF ♠ was
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Mega X-Mass party

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DeTijdmachine, Holland

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