yesterday at 19:41. Facebook
Our fearless leader in action last tuesday in Salem Oregon!
02/20/2017 at 01:46. Facebook
DOA / MDC Fight Back Tour starts tomorrow!!

Considering the times we are going through, when people's rights are getting trampled and racism around the world is on the rise, you can expect to hear songs like Race Riot, Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More, Full Metal Jackoff, Class War, Nazi Training Camp and Fucked Up Donald from DOA on the Fight Back Tour.
These will be the last North American...
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01/30/2017. Facebook
Saw this on T.V. yesterday, thought I'd share it with you. Russel Westbrook, pro basketballer for the Oklahoma city Thunder showing up for a game wearing a D.O.A. War on 45 t-shirt
12/25/2016. Facebook
DOA wishes everyone a very Happy Holidays!! Thank you to everyone who supported us this year, it was a busy one! Hopefully we will see all of you out there on the road! We all need to work together to make the world a better place in 2017 and beyond.

P.S. We have started making big plans for our upcoming 40th anniversary in 2018!
12/11/2016. Facebook
Last night was the 83rd show in the past 6 months in 12 different countries! Having a lovely breakfast in this bus in Bremerton, Washington. Taking the rest of the year off. See you all out there on the road in 2017!! Thanks to all the friends and fans for making 2016 such an amazing year!
12/08/2016. Facebook
Hey Hey!! D.O.A. are back down to visit our friends in the NW USA for a quick weekend of music and mayhem!! Here's a 3 song sample from the Pod Parou Fest this past summer in the Czech Republic.

Thu Dec 8 - Oak Harbor Tavern, Oak Harbor WA
Fri Dec 9 - Coog's Budget CD's , Port Angeles WA
Sat Dec 10 - The Charleston, Bremerton WA

[ Youtube.com Link ]

D.O.A. - War + Fuck You + The Prisoner (Fest Pod Parou 2016 Vyškov, CZ) [HD]

D.O.A. performing three songs live at XIV edition of Fest Pod Parou in Vyškov (Czech Republic). Thursday 28 July 2016. To see D.O.A. (live 2009 & 2016) playl...

11/24/2016. Facebook
Come and join me at the Croatian Center in Vancouver Sunday November 27th.
That's where we unveil the new D.O.A./Joe Keithley guitar. I have been playing one these Galaxy guitars now for months, It sounds good, it stays in tune and it takes a beating!

I'll be hanging out at the booth from noon till about 2 PM.

- Joe

[ Galaxyguitars.ca Link ]

Galaxy Guitar Company - Doa Joe Keithley Limited Edition Guitar, Artist Endorsed instuments, Online Music Store

11/19/2016. Facebook
Joe Shithead and Keith Morris!! Last night at the Rickshaw in Vancouver. #joeshithead #keithmorris #doapunk #offband
11/16/2016. Facebook
Joe Keithley nominated as B.C. Greens candidate in Burnaby-Lougheed

BURNABY B.C. – The B.C. Green Party is pleased to announce the
nomination of its candidate for Burnaby-Lougheed, Joe Keithley.

"I am running in the May election, because we need honesty and
compassion in government”, Keithley said. “The B.C. Liberals and the B.C. NDP only answer to the special interest groups that give them...
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11/14/2016. Facebook
Hey! Hey!! If you have a few minutes this Thursday at 5 PM I hope you can join me on Granville Street (for lots of fun!)

Thursday November 17th, 5 PM , the Vancouver Hall of Fame will
officially unveil the D.O.A./ Joe Keithley star on the sidewalk in front
of 870 Granville Street.
This is kind of cool, as myself and the band are the first of the
punk/alternative generation to be...
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11/10/2016. Facebook
DOA finds it very disappointing to see Donald Trump win the U.S election yesterday. We feel a real connection with our American neighbours. DOA has played over 2000 shows in the States and we sat here yesterday with our close friends in our home away from home, Oakland California, watching the troublesome results come in. We know this decision will affect Canadians and the rest of the world...
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11/05/2016. Facebook
DOA and Agent Orange! Tonight at the Ritz in San Jose! Photo: Dave Klein #doapunk #canadianpunk #theritzsj #agentorangeband
11/01/2016. Facebook
HEY!! HEY!! D.O.A. is coming your way!! Western US Friends, we are heading down for a quick road trip to make sure that the 2016 U.S. Election runs smoothly! Hopefully see you out there!!

Wed Nov 2 - Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor, Reno NV
Thu Nov 3 - The Blue Lamp, Sacramento CA
Fri Nov 4 - The Ritz, San Jose CA w/ Agent Orange
Sat Nov 5 - Atom Age Store, Orange County CA (6-7 PM)
Sat Nov 5 -...
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09/30/2016. Facebook
DOA- Canada`s Men of Action are back.Two years ago it looked like they were about to ride into the sunset as Canada`s leading protest singer JOE SHITHEAD entered into the world of formal politics, only to lose his primary/nomination by 5 votes.

Not long after that Joe had this to say " I May have lost, but I haven't forgotten how to play my guitar, how to sing , how...
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09/28/2016. Facebook
Hey-A Hey-A Hey-A ! Sick of Donald Trump? It's time to vote for
something that's real!

In early 1981 Canada's punk pioneers D.O.A. recorded their 2nd album and
entitled it Hardcore 81. After a long North American tour D.O.A. had forced the term "hardcore" into the public vernacular and soon after it became a common phrase. But all punks knew (unless they were too wasted or not
yet born) that...
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2016 Polaris Heritage Prize - Polaris Music Prize

09/06/2016. Facebook
Hey! Hey! Get outta our way! We're heading back to the USA!!
This November the Men of Action are heading back down the west coast!! All dates to be announced soon!! Here's a small sampler...

Thursday November 5th - Tiki Bar, Costa Mesa, CA

Thursday November 10th - Slim's, San Francisco, CA w/The Dictators

Saturday November 12th - El Corazon , Seattle, WA
08/05/2016. Facebook
Western Canada!! Get ready!! Two weeks in September with our old friends the Dayglo Abortions!! All dates will be announced soon!
Here's a small sample...
Sept 14 Banff AB Wild Bills
Sept 17 Saskatoon SK Amigos
Sept 18 Winnipeg MB The Pyramid
Sept 21 Calgary AB Distortion
Sept 22 Edmonton AB The Needle
Sept 24 Nelson BC Spirit Bar
07/31/2016. Facebook
21 shows in 23 days, 10 countries, 11,728 kms driven, 7 flights, 4 ferry trips, 200 beers... each. We finished up the 2016 Euro tour with a bang at the Puntala Festival in Lempäälä, Finland! Thanks to all who came to see us it was a great tour! #doapunk #joeshithead #puntalafest #headinghome
07/28/2016. Facebook
Joe and Colin from GBH! Great show at the Pod Pardou Fest in the Czech Republic. Was great seeing these guys live again. Last time GBH and DOA shared the stage was 1990! #doapunk #podparoufest #gbh #chargedgbh #joeshithead
07/28/2016. Facebook
GBH on now at the Pod Parou Fest in the Czech Republic. They Just sent out the song DOA to Joe Shithead. We're up next! #doapunk #gbh #chargedGBH #podparoufest