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02/22/2017 at 17:59. Facebook
DID YOU KNOW: Only R4,4 billion of the R16,5 billion in personal income tax will come from the new R1,5 million tax bracket. The rest will come from South Africans in lower tax brackets.

South Africans who receive inflation-linked increases will most likely drift into a higher tax bracket, forcing them to pay more personal income tax, and essentially leaving them with less money in their bank...
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DA For President
02/22/2017 at 13:04. Facebook
The future of South Africa is looking bright!
DA For President
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The DA doesn't just talk about developing the youth of this country. They are doing it!

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DA For President
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PROTECT OUR FARMERS: Bring Rural Safety Units BACK!

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Zuma must announce rural safety units in his SONA reply - Democratic Alliance

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The North West government’s tender, numbered CATA116/2016, to sculpt and build an enormous statue of Jacob Zuma, is a disgraceful waste of public money that will leave us with nothing more than a monument to corruption and unemployment There is nothing to celebrate about Jacob Zuma’s presidency, a r...

Zuma Statue: A monument to corruption and unemployment

Shouldn't matter who brought the request for the moments silence. These 94 South Africans died due to government incompetency.

Other countries are brought to a standstill when there are terror attacks. 94 people have died and we can't even have a MOMENT of silence?!

ANC slams DA over request for moment of silence during Sona

Let it be known. THIS is the man we want to lead us!

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Growth like this doesn't happen by mistake.

If children have ACCESS to the resources, better teaching material, and SUPPORT from teachers, they will always perform better. Well done DA!
The pass rate in Khayelitsha since the DA took over

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Record-breaking maths & science pass rate
Top bachelor pass rate
Top retention rate
38 schools in South Africa have attained a matric pass rate of LOWER than 40% EVERY SINGLE YEAR for the last 5 years!

What kind of future are we giving our youth?
Corruption taking a back seat in Jozi! PROGRESS
So many saw former JHB Mayor, Parks Tau as "one of the good guys". Today he has been exposed as just another ANC crook!

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SHOCKING revelations! The ANC apparently planned to pay R50m to discredit opposition parties with fake poster and news agencies...

We are considering legal action against ANC for election ‘Black Ops’ - Democratic Alliance