DA For President
03/24/2017 at 13:23. Facebook
MUST WATCH - Exciting to see a political party with a REAL and workable plan!
DA For President
03/23/2017 at 12:58. Facebook
While the others TALK, we are WORKING!

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The DA's Bridget Masango
She has put the lives of 17 million people at risk! SHE MUST GO!
The intelligent, strong and beautiful Phumzile Van Damme MP.

The future is bright for you, South Africa. Happy International Women's Day
THIS is a shocking truth that more need to be aware of. Our government is failing the youth of today.

Where will our doctors, engineers, scientists and lawyers come from when the majority of our youth remains uneducated?
This is the BEST thing I have seen! So well done.
Athol Trollip and Justice Malala. These two look like they have a great friendship!
Seek out the truth!

Take a few minutes a read Mr Maimane's piece on the xenophobic violence that has gripped parts of Gauteng.

MUST READ | Xenophobia is both immoral and irrational - Mmusi Maimane

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"I refuse to follow leaders...whose only predictable response to all challenges is 'RACISM'" - Mathews Phosa
THIS is the government I will vote for. A government that has an actual, workable plan for the future of South Africa.

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DID YOU KNOW: Only R4,4 billion of the R16,5 billion in personal income tax will come from the new R1,5 million tax bracket. The rest will come from South Africans in lower tax brackets.

South Africans who receive inflation-linked increases will most likely drift into a higher tax bracket, forcing them to pay more personal income tax, and essentially leaving them with less money in their bank...
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The future of South Africa is looking bright!
The DA doesn't just talk about developing the youth of this country. They are doing it!

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PROTECT OUR FARMERS: Bring Rural Safety Units BACK!

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Zuma must announce rural safety units in his SONA reply - Democratic Alliance

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